holiday feasty feast
I definitely see the benefits and drawbacks of both, and I am good with however we do it. My availability is as it always is; most of this week I will be available, with the exception of Tuesday morning.
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Well, I can offer a couple suggestions.

1a: For those of you worried about a forums thing dragging on and on and on, fear not! I know forums scenes make everyone go D: and UGH and *flop* and I also don't like when they get to that, "O...okay are...are we...? I guess we're done?" stage. But for this one I was already planning on firing off a wrapping post either one week after the initial post or whenever it looked like it was dying.

1b: We could try something like half and half. Larger, more general setting posts in the forums with people breaking out into the chats whenever they're available while the scene is open. Phoebe is probably going to host this in the Cold Crescent cafeteria on whatever that floor was, so there's space for everyone and rooms to break off to whenever, as well as a dedicated area for fighting if a fight breaks out (that is if Floor 42 is open, that mat-spirit needs some love =[ ). With this option I will still wrap out the thread no more than seven days after the initial post.

2: My availability this week is that I'm not going to be around much after work until maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe Friday, I don't know. I've been really enjoying my offline weekends, but I can make an exception if the weekend works best for most people. After that I should be back to my usual availability, so if we want to hold this next week that's fine, too, there's no definite day really for when this takes place.
I'm pretty anti-forums parties bc of aforementioned reasons - lack of spontaneity, stilted feels, dragging on. Even a week is a long time to carry a festive holiday mood, esp as the holiday comes and goes irl. So! I'm cool with everyone writing their entrance on the forums, but let's get down on the chat.

Re people not making it - well, that's how parties are irl too!
It could always be a non-descript "Holiday Feast" representing any number of feast times ranging from Thanksgiving to Kwanza! I mean, honestly, we could drag it out for a month and it would still fit the season, but however people wanna do it, I am cool!
I kinda like 1b. We get chats and no one is inexplicably missing.
I'm going to go with option 1b. Like I said, it's very unlikely I'll have time for a chat scene this week, but I'm not going to force anyone to stay with me on the forums that doesn't want to be there. I will do my very best to have an opening post up by tomorrow!
1b! Half and Half! Sophia will be the Silver Fang half!
Wow, two days, no posts. I'm gonna scrap this idea, then. Carry on
i didn't even realize there was a thread up! o_O

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