February: Cracking the Bone
A few times now, the jawbone that Avery took from the body of a lion has gone back and forth among many wolves. Right now there are five standing in the center of the gathering with she and the Great Alpha: Shieldwind, Vigor, Storm's Teeth, Final Word, Cinder-Song. It's her duty to stop knots of argument from developing without completely shutting discussion down. It's not always an easy balance to strike.

So right about at that point, Reverence of Dawn steps in. She takes the bone back from Tamsin, looking over the Fianna and the Fenrir first, they of lowest rank. When they return to their places, she looks at Storm's Teeth until he returns to stand with his pack as well. She'll tell them to go if she needs to, but her hope always begins with the highest expectation: that they will understand, because they are all wise, they are all honorable, they can all see that this is becoming tangled without it being spelled out for them. She does not assume that any one of them will dig in their heels out of pride.

After that, her eyes turn to Vigor and Rigor. She smiles and inclines her head, her lips parting, but the Ragabash is already putting up his hands to forestall her: he's already more the center of attention than he wanted to be, so he goes back to the sidelines. Shieldwind stares at her, Athro to Fostern, til she says calmly: "Rhya, if you will."

And he wills. He walks away, to the pack that has been splitting its time between two septs, these days one more than the other. The Wyrmfoe for tonight, Silhouette, is among those packmates. Avery takes a breath after the gathering's center has been cleared and she has a moment to corral her thoughts. She is standing next to the Great Alpha, whose shoulder is not far beneath her own when he stands in hispo, who has not snapped his jaws for the bone since he allowed others to speak.

"This discussion began with Shieldwind-rhya requesting an appointee and the Great Alpha determining one. Everything else that has been said or suggested, no matter how incensed we may get about it, is conjecture at this point. Our traditions are not being desecrated by a suggestion. Our number are not being insulted by an idea. We are Garou," she says, "but we are not monsters. And those who cannot make peace with their pride or show restraint with their rage will have the bone removed from their hand mid-speech, if necessary. We are not here to attempt to rally and rouse each other to support of one cause or another; this is not a mob. We are not here to defend the litany and traditions against each other, silencing each other -- the bone is cracked so that everything may poor out. Good ideas, bad ideas, every idea, every question, from Elder to Cub. If we lose the ability to speak and question with sanity and respect, if we throw up our hands and bare our teeth at one another whenever we hear something we don't like, then we have undone the core tradition of every moot."

Avery turns to the Great Alpha. "Rhya, the difference between a Sept Leader loyal to Forgotten Questions and a representative seems a narrow one to me, and perhaps a semantic one: at this point, either would be appointed by you. A liaison would be a new role of leadership, and one that I believe could be as easily challenged as a Sept Leader." She licks her lips thoughtfully. "For my part, as one wolf and not as Truthcatcher, I would prefer greater unity between our two septs, at least initially, especially as we investigate the pit and the airport -- these should not fall solely within the realm of those at Cold Crescent, for they affect us all.

"And knowing that you have already granted such leniency, knowing that no one here wishes to simply establish a sept without your blessing or we would not be having this discussion at all, I believe that we already view Cold Crescent as still being joined in many ways to Forgotten Questions. I also believe, and trust, that you will honor such a sept with your guidance and oversight, whether with a representative or with a separate leader."

She inclines her head. She waits for him to take the bone. He looks away from her, at the wolves around them. Avery takes a deep breath, turns, and holds the jawbone out again.

"We will continue, then."
my whole life is thunder.
"Okay," Erich takes the bone up again, "who are you?"

That's to David. Who he's kinda squinting at, baffled.

"I mean seriously. Who are you again? I've never even seen you at Cold Crescent before. Not when we were putting our heads together to try to crack the Beloved Horror puzzle, not when we were camping out in a cold dark shut-down Crescent, not when we were fighting down in the Pit, not when we sang Raspberry Sky back to her ancestors, and not even two weeks ago when we went mucking around the basement of the airport.

"The first time you've ever talked to me was just now. And the first thing you did was stand up and try to facedown with me or something. The second thing was to dance around accusing me of pissing on the 'traditions', to call me 'that full-moon' like I don't have a name and I'm not even here, and to wave your arms and rant like you're gonna raise a lynch mob against me.

"What the fuck, dude? I've got no people skills and even I know that's just bizarre. And rude. And not a good way to make friends."

Beat. He turns the cracked bone over in his hand. Goes on.

"Now regarding Cold Crescent and all that. Guys, chiiiiiiill out. We're just having a debate here. 'That full moon' should not have to tell a Galliard and a Philodox to calm down and be reasonable. But seriously, do you two really think I'm trying to tear the Nation from its foundations and piss on the pillars of its justice or something?

"I mean really. For real. Really? You think that. REALLY?

"What I'm saying is, I'm sure one day we can and should be two totally independent Septs. But right now, because we've got half of Beloved Horror out there, because we've got a Pit under Cold Crescent and a Something under the airport, I'd rather have a closer alliance between the Septs. I'd rather just have one Great Alpha at the top so there's no confusion when the chips are down."

Another small pause. A hesitation; and then a decision, a drawing-up, a straightening of his spine.

"I'm saying that as a Fostern Ahroun," Erich says, firmly. "I'm saying that as the guy who called warmoot after warmoot to deal with Beloved Horror. I'm saying that as the guy who sat up on 43 calling you all back to the Sept, and the guy who stood up last time we were all here and tried to put Cold Crescent back in some semblance of order.

"I'm also saying that as someone who went toe to toe with Beloved Horror, twice, and did not enjoy either dance. We killed three of them, true, but they killed way more of us. I don't ever wanna get caught with our pants down again because we're so busy being independent and setting up our own private awesome Sept that things are still messy and in-progress when they come back. 'Cause they will come back. I'd rather trade a bit of independence, just for now, for strength and solidarity against the enemy.

"If you disagree with me, fine. But save the dramatics. Tell me why you disagree instead. I'm sure you've got good reasons, and hell, if I hear a lot of good reasons I'm not too proud to change my stance. But so far all I've heard is 'BUT THE TRADITIONS!' and maybe a bit of 'WE CAN ALL BE FRIENDS EVEN WITH TWO LEADERS!' and then a lot of rehrehrehrehreh."
Javed Anubis-Sight is a Garou who uses his words only when necessary. He knows the power of language and, by extension, of words, and while he has used them effectively in the past he does not speak up only to speak. He does not ramble with his thoughts, and he waits until he has a collected opinion to share his words. And this is why, as the Garou debate (and yes, argue) about whether to have a Grand Elder of Cold Crescent or not, he has not stood up and stepped forward to take the bone.

He frowns, briefly, in his Crinos form (which he stays in most of the time during moots) when David looks in his way, uses words that the metis previously said to make a point. Not that he necessarily disagrees with the point behind the words, but for the pointed way the Fenrir brings his argument into the debate. But it is a momentary expression on that war form maw, not anger. At least, no more than usually radiates from the Ahroun.

Tamsin steps in and makes her point, and references the recent past to do so. Two Septs. Two Leaders. Avery, blindingly bright as ever, acts in her position as Truthcatcher. And Erich speaks up once more, giving David pointed words and then elaborating on his point. It is then, finally, that the metis, who has pushed for Cold Crescent to remain open as passionately and with as much dedication as anyone else, steps forward in his Crinos form to request the bone.

"I am Javed Anubis-Sight. Fostern Metis Ahroun of the Silent Striders, joined under Falcon. I hold our laws as inviolate, as all of us do. Every action we take is in support of the Litany, which have held as our laws since days long before any of us. And I was among those who argued in support of the Cold Crescent, and I stood with those who said, I will. I believe that and argued, as has been stated by this Garou..."

And here he indicates Final Word, who he does not do the disservice of asking his name. It would be dishonorable for him to throw his metis Curse into the debate and, more so, might add to the impact of what Storm's Teeth just asked.

"...that a Sept, including the Crescent, is a home. A home needs a head. No house is complete without it. And, if I may say, I can understand the argument of Cold Crescent not being a Sept in and of itself without such a head. Respectfully, I understand the argument of two Septs, two leaders. I also understand Storm's Teeth's point, that it is perhaps too early and as Reverence of Dawn, Radiant Honor has noted, the argument may well be one of simple definition."

He's not arguing for one side or the other. He is laying out his respect for those points that came before. Honoring those who chose to show their passion because, while things may have reached a heated stage, that passion is important. It is the fire that burns in all of their hearts. He turns his attention to the Great Alpha, because he is the one who looked to all of them to speak up. And so it is to the highest among the wolves in Denver that he addresses his words.

"A home needs a head, but for my own part I do not believe that it requires that head to guide from directly within the walls. Must those who lead our tribes be where we are at all times? Is the distance between the Forgotten Questions and the Cold Crescent so far? My instinct tells me that the Cold Crescent deserves a Sept Leader now, and it rages within me to desire a leader that is as close as possible. My intellect tells me that those who become Warder, Challenge Master, Ritemaster and Keeper will be those who can take on every task that is needed immediately...they will be Garou upon which we can put our faith. My spirit tells me that a home is a place where people, above all, feel safe and that they belong. And my honor tells me that such feelings will be fostered as much under you, Rhya, as under anyone else. And those are why I would agree that one Great Elder can hold sway over two septs, at least for the time being."

He inclines his head respectfully and steps back, offering the bone back to Avery.
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
Tamsin sinks back into a crouch after Avery takes the bone and she (Tamsin!) steps back. Her girl-shape is held very still when Erich re-claims the bone and speaks although her jaw looks tight and her shoulders too. Up she springs, and Javed claims the bone. Tamsin shoves her hands in her pockets and waits until he's done, head canted, gaze angled upward (but not at the moon), pensive and broody until he has finished, and then she steps forward to re-claim the bone from the metis.

"I believe - " a pause, and the next word with an edge and a glower " - passionately, yeah - that a separate leader for Cold Crescent is best. You," she cheats her body toward Erich.

"You're saying you'd trade a bit of independence, 'just for now,' for strength and solidarity against the enemy. What I'm saying, what I said, basically, for those listening, is having that 'bit of independence' doesn't mean we are sacrificing any measure of strength and solidarity. Nothing said makes me think that. Hell: I think we gain more strength and have a better chance at real solidarity."

Body-twist away, toward the Elders. "Because this is the beginning of Cold Crescent as it is going to be. Let it have a separate leader and let that separate leader and the Great Alpha set a new precedent for communcation between the Septs. Maybe the distinction between a separate leader and a representative is just semantics, but I think it's an important distinction. And I also think having a separate leader is a lot less 'confusing' than the story of the Sept with all Sept offices filled except for Sept leader because the Sept leader is over there at the other Sept. There's a lot more room for, uh, mischief and uncertainty in terms of each Sept's respective strength with that kind of lack of clarity."

Deep breath. Flick of a glance upward; a clear hesitation.

Then she passes the bone on.
Erich is a buffoon. Ruby remembers him riding the baggage claim turnstile like an excited child when they went to the airport. Which is why it's odd to hear sense coming from this one. Then again, he also shielded her from a half-dozen bites meant to eat her flesh when they went to the airport too.

People are strange like that. They do the unexpected. Like impress you.

But then, things turn sour, just as she anticipated they would. When Tamsin holds out the lion's skull for anyone to take, Ruby takes it. If it's not something she should do, she trusts her wardens enough to stop her. She takes human form then, because talking with a mouth full of sharp teeth just tends to shred her tongue, and screw that. She'll take a less powerful form. They see her as a child anyway.

"Hi. I'm Ruby. Some of you know me as Javed's student. And I am a cub, so I'm not going to suggest anything specific here. You lot should know what the best course of action is. But I helped kill this," she says, raising the skull above her head. "So I'll hold on to it one last time, if that's good by ya'll.

"As a newcomer to this life and these traditions, the only thing that has made a damn bit of sense to me, the only thing that even keeps me here is the fight we face. And it's sad that the things we fight seem more close to each other than we are.

"I think we need to focus on one thing. Unity, and however it is best to accomplish that. One of the first things I experienced here was the judgement of the leaders of Cold Crescent. Without knowing any of the context for it all. So I'll leave you to guess where my opinion has been regarding the level of camaraderie among us.

"The reason why I want everyone here to start showing a unified front is because we don't have time for this shit. No matter what is decided tonight, we need to start acting just as allied as what we face. It's essential to our success in the fight. I know that after tonight, there's going to be a lot of shitty attitudes out there no matter what happens. You understand? I, a complete rookie, have absorbed that much about the community here.

"So don't let that happen. Change my mind."

She holds the skull out for anyone else to take, at that point.

They aren't going to like it, she knows, her being a rookie who calls them divided -- some child who has the gall to shame them. But she's not afraid of the day she's put in her place, or the day someone puts a claw through her head for that matter. They want to come at her, let them come. It would just show how fucked up they are anyway.

Ruby's seen so far, a judgement. She's seen a kinfolk trying to goad an Ahroun into a fight in public on a full moon. She's seen a whiteboard at Cold Crescent meant to be filled with names of hopeful leaders filled with provocation instead. And she's seen herself, losing herself, turning on those she should be closest to, and a community that seems dedicated to pushing those enraging buttons as hard as it can toward whomever it can. She's seen so much stupidity, so much waste, so much loss that it all turns to ashes in her mouth.

They want a challenge? Here's a challenge. Change her opinion of this wretched place.
Thomas tells them stories at the moot. Usually stories about how glorious they are, how brave, how noble, how wise. Tonight he'll tell them a story that is a suggestion because just coming out and talking about strategy isn't something Thomas does here. Even when he came to join those in support of Cold Crescent he let his presence at his alpha's side speak for his intent. Behind closed doors, with people he trusts it is different. It is hardly as though he has no opinion.

He waits a long time to take the bone. Until he has watched as his pack sister has taken the bone twice, until even the cub has had her say. Until it seems that, as usual, Thomas will remain silent through the Cracking, watching them alert and silent. But he does watch them; he watches them at moots and at war moots and when they run into each other in less formal contexts. He has spent months watching and evaluating and so tonight he does speak.

He also shifts to homid to take the bone, though he has no concerns about slicing open his tongue. His eyes sweep over everyone, but his gaze lingers on Storm's Teeth as he begins speaking. It is the full moon, so it takes more attention to keep his tone even, controlled. Leaping forward bristling with passion like Tamsin...it isn't as though he isn't tempted.

And so, when he speaks to them tonight he is more animated, his gestures more pronounced, excitement stirring under his measured tone. "Cold Crescent will need a leader. Whatever extent Cold Crescent ends up as an extension of Forgotten Questions, and I don't think we'll know that until it happens, there will need to be someone there that we all know as its leader. And we all agree on that, if less so on the title.

"I believe it should have its own, not because I think it should stand apart from Forgotten Questions but because it will have entirely different challenges. The defense and maintenance of a city sept is different, there are questions about the things beneath Cold Crescent, and the Garou and packs present consistently at the septs will be different. The purposes of the two septs are different, and you need two leaders to go in two directions.

"We could try to formalize how we would like the relationship between septs to go by changing titles or creating new titles, but I don't think we need to. I have rarely heard or told stories of this place as stories of packmates. We have packs, good ones, with their own leaders or lack of leaders; but very often when we encounter something, or investigate something, or are out patrolling we are not divided into packs. There is a leader, though whether that is established before or just establishes itself varies.

"I don't think the septs have to be so different. Different situations, different gatherings of Garou...from what I've seen so far here they can sort it out. I've seen more disagreement over leadership already here tonight than I have ever seen when something is happening. I don't think there is any cause to worry that in a crisis having two sept leaders is going to make it more difficult for us to present a response-" He debates echoing Storm Teeth's phrasing a second but Thomas is just not even in a place where he can say words like 'when the chips are down' at a moot.

"If anything, having a strong leader present in the place where we expect attacks is more crucial. Not because I doubt that our Great Alpha would respond, but because we will need to respond without time for a consultation. A liaison, for all having one of those is a brilliant idea and I think we should do it, doesn't convey the kind of trust in leadership that being acknowledged as the head of a sept does. And with everything that could and likely will happen at Cold Crescent, I think that we, and quite possibly a number of other septs before the end, will need to have that kind of trust in whoever is in charge there."
The next person to step up to take the bone when it's available is Phoebe once again. Again she holds it in both hands, hanging from her long arms to rest against her pelvis.

"I agree that Cold Crescent should have its own leader," she begins, "but I'm not going to try to push anyone to agree with me. Instead I hope to alleviate this concern that I'm hearing. It's about the notion that putting someone at the head of Cold Crescent means the septs are going to split from each other and be divided again. I didn't stand up in support of reopening the sept and I certainly haven't put forth my name for a position so that it would fall back to old habits."

"We have an opportunity here not only for a fresh start, but for a new way of doing things. But remember." She looks at Erich, and then she addresses the Grand Elder, eyes lowered and head bowed repectfully. "Forgive me, rhya, but we're here now because we've already questioned and challenged your decision once, to close the sept. Rhya, you are wise, and you take the time to consider your judgements carefully, but, there will surely be issues at Cold Crescent that need to be dealt with swiftly, that can't wait for messengers or phone calls or trips across town for a face-to-face meeting. There will be issues that can't wait to be brought up at a moot." Phoebe tries to be as respectful as possible when she all but says Sometimes you don't make the right decision for the city, but who knows how it's taken. If she is allowed to keep going she continues,

"As for who will keep the sept from cutting itself off from Forgotten Questions." This time she meets Erich's eyes and smiles. "We will. Not only whoever earns a sept position, but you and me and every single wolf who works at maintaining the Broadway building. Wasn't it you and Keisha who questioned when the former leaders were disappearing before their punishments? I would be gravely disappointed in both of you if you stopped keeping this city honest."

She turns away from the new fostern to face Tamsin and David and Javed (and anyone else I forgot and can't look at because I'm crazy-posting from my tablet). "As for a hierarchy, Denver has always fallen under the purview of the Grand Elder. As Tamsin reminds us, the breakdown of the...symbiosis between the septs was a conscious decision to have the burden of guarding the pit carried by a few instead of the whole. We who stand to open Cold Crescent will be wiser than our predecessors. We will work together with Forgotten Questions because we share this Caern and we share this city just as we share the battle against the Beloved Horror and just as we will share anything else that comes our way. And if somewhere down the line having a sept leader that answers to a Grand Elder becomes too confusing or cumbersome we can reasses."

Here Phoebe shrugs her shoulders a touch as she lifts the bone in preparation of handing it back to Avery. "The only right way for the septs to work together is the way that works. Let there be room for trial and error, so long as we're willing to be open about any mistakes made and learn from them."

[Ooc: ugh that took forever. Apologies if Phoebe accidentally repeats anything someone else said, too tired to go back and edit again.]
At some point, the jawbone will fall back into the giant white paws of the Newcomer.

In the time that the bone has circulated to new wolves who would speak their pieces, he has remained in his Crinos body. This is something that the wolves around him can guess that they probably ought to get used to-- all Wolves had their preferences, and this was the Forseti's. He'd returned to a crouching half-sit on the packed earth while listening, ears alert and forward, observing what was said.

When Erich addressed him directly, the wolf's pale eyes narrowed and displeasure etched itself into his body language, but the Get of Fenris's Rage was not a terrible furnace. Despite the pull of the full moon above, his temper was not stoked by the challenge in the Shadow Lord (blood-traitor/but-why-do-you-care?). He just snorted and gave time for others to speak. He didn't jump to defend himself.

When his time came, though, the burly pale-furred Garou grasped the jawbone delicately in killing claws and stood on feet and knuckles as he spoke.

"I introduced myself last time, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to refresh memories."

A pause, significant, a flat stare at Erich, before his eyes moved away from the Shadow Lord and he continued on.

"I am Final Word. Cliath Philodox of the Get of Fenris. I am... very new to the area. I simply was not aware that this discredited my interpretation of The Litany or my place to do so any at all.

"I'm not trying to give advice on how to manage Beloved Horror. I'm not trying to suggest tactics for capturing and utilizing the power of the Pit, or shutting it down completely. I'm not saying that I know what is best for this city and its people."

Another pause. Just as flat. For how passionate and rousing he had been when he'd spoken last, he was significantly more level now. It seems Avery's speech had done its job (he had flicked his ears back and looked the tiniest bit ashamed for a moment when she'd expressed that they were here not to rally a mob, but to have discussions), and he was speaking simply now. Like an analyst rather than a leader. A subject matter expert, if you will.

"The Litany, however, is always what is best. Because without these laws we would be nothing. I shouldn't have to say this, but sometimes we need reminding." The massive paw that was helping support his weight, knuckles dark with dirt, raised from the ground long enough to wave away an argument that didn't have a chance to be formed against him just yet, thanks to the power and the effect of the cracked bone and the traditions that dictated how these discussions would be had. "There are laws written around the Leader, multiple ones, because the Leader is necessary. The Leader is necessary to Cold Crescent just as it is to Forgotten Questions.

"To ask the Great Alpha-rhya to split his devotion and duties between two Septs is to take a risk. A risk in a time wheIf the Sen all that I hear is 'Beloved Hororr' and 'The Pits' and every story is about how terrible and unknown and deadly both these subjects are. Each Sept should be protected and managed at the highest efficiency possible-- here, to keep the Caern protected, for this is what matters most. There--" he gestures toward the city with the jaw bone, indicating Cold Crescent -- "to keep the Pit in check and Beloved Horror from accessing it again."

He's petered himself out. He can feel himself dragging on. He can tell that those gathered are waiting for him to finish so that they can have their turn. So, he rolls his heavy shoulder and wraps up.

"If the Cold Crescent will ever have a Leader, then it will certainly need one now."

And the lion's jaw is relinquished.
Keisha Still-Waters stands up, moves forward to take the bone. She holds it in her hands, takes a moment to collect her thoughts.

"All right. So, I'm not arguing for one side or the other, because like Avery said that's not really why we're here. We're here to share ideas and submit thoughts for the Great Elder to consider before making his decision. I just feel like there are some things that need to be pointed out."

She takes a breath, lets it out. "First...with all due respect, Final Word. None of what's been discussed violates or otherwise goes against the Litany. Certainly no one is suggesting we go against it. There are multiple laws written about the leader, yes. No challenging during wartime, we may challenge during peace. If you want to argue submission to higher station or respecting territory, I suppose you can count those too. But none of them say Each Sept must have its own leader. The Leader can be challenged or inviolate to challenge just as well from twenty-five miles away. I think there's a lot of merit to the rest of your argument though."

The bone is turned over in her hand, an unconscious motion as she looks out. "I see a lot in both debates that make sense. Yeah, of course the city Sept will have different concerns than this one. It was definitely worth mentioning. Most of what I hear argued, I hear argued in terms of defense. That's something the Warder would handle in a more direct fashion. But Phoebe's also right that there are things that might come up which may need quick decisions. If we have our own Sept Leader at Cold Crescent, a representative of Forgotten Questions empowered to make that call or there is some way to get a message back here via spirits or runner or a dozen other ways, there needs to be some system in place. Whatever the case, the only thing that is truly necessary is that the system is there. Exactly what that system is..."

She shrugs. "Well, it just needs to work. Phoebe and I...we've both thrown our dedication to Cold Crescent, but we also tend to the same mission that was decided when we formed our pack: to tend to the spiritual needs of the city. Both Septs, as we are needed. I don't believe, and I don't know if anyone here does, that having separate leaders will mean we're not unified in purpose. Because we are."

She looks at Ruby now, who has said that they need to start acting allied. "We are allied. We're passionate creatures and when we argue, we argue passionately. But nobody is at each other's throats here. Erich and David, when they're out there together and they have to...they'll be united in purpose. That's why we have the Revel, and that's why we do so much here at the moots to unify us. I don't agree with a lot of people here on certain things, and they don't agree with me. But it doesn't mean that we don't have unity.

"Do we have to have a Sept Leader for Cold Crescent for it to stand on its own and remain strong in vigilance over Denver? No, not at all. But neither do we need to have it under the Great Alpha's purview for us to be unified. I get the point behind both of those arguments, but I don't really agree with them. I think that in the end, no matter what we decide, we need to recognize that both options are perfectly valid ones. It is simply a matter of which one works a little better than the other one for us here in Denver."
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
It is with a wrinkled snout and heavy posture that Final Word flicks a claw into the air, indicating desire for the bone. Before long he was going to find himself denied it, but the Philodox couldn't idly sit and not correct.

"With all due respect." The sentiment echoed back upon the Child of Gaia, "I need you to trust me to know the tenants of the Litany."


"I was citing the Litany to cripple Storm's Teeth's argument for why a leader shouldn't be appointed. He had expressed concern that a leader appointed would be a leader challenged by someone who wishes to fight against Forgotten Questions rather than work with it. I cited the tenant I did to indicate that the leader could not be challenged and replaced while we are at War against Beloved Horror, while we have the crisis with things in the very basement of your Sept hunting and nearly succeeding at consuming a pack's worth of seasoned Garou."

His hackles had gone up. He didn't like being misunderstood, and didn't like having to clarify. He should be accustomed to it by now, given his past and history and overall intellect, but just because his Rage did not rise before that did not mean it didn't exist at all. It warmed the coals of aggravation, but did not seep into his actions or words beyond the stress he tried to lay to the importance of them.

"I'm new, but I know the Litany that I speak."

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