April Moot
Coming in 2 weeks: the April moot!

Things to wrap up before then:
- Cold Crescent sept leadership!
- Moot leadership volunteering!
- Anything else I'm missing!
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According to the white board thread, the following PCs are signed up for sept position challenges:

Master/Mistress of Challenges
- Avery

Master/Mistress of Rites
- Phoebe

Keeper of the Land
- Keisha

Anyone else:
[Image: post-26953-0-75018100-1389827429.gif]

[[i was almost not going to post this but then i found the Leeloo gif and so i must, but if you'd like me to take it down, kai, i totally will!]]
Sora volunteers as tribute for the Stories and Songs stuff.

And Niko has a panic attack, but let's do this OSU!
Keisha signs up for Master of the Howl/Caller of the Wyld!
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Someone else is going to take Wyrmfoe so Hector doesn't embarrass himself more than usual this month right?
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