April: Cracking the Bone
In almost a year since the last time he played the Truthcatcher, Eternal Reassurance has achieved much. He has risen in rank. He has seen friends die. The last notes of Raspberry Sky's song when she called the Garou together last May still ring in his ears when he walks forward, holding the bone to be cracked. He has grown much. He doesn't think he knows everything anymore. He knows he doesn't. He has left one pack and is currently considering an offer from another.

The fair-haired Silver Fang is dressed in linen again, and his hair is shorter than it used to be, and his eyes still look like silver.

"Welcome," he says to the gathering, his voice level. He doesn't give an 'agenda' this time. There is warmth in his welcome. "Speak the truth," he says. "Seek the truth," he also says. There is a pause. "Here is mine: this is the last moot that I will see you all at unless I am given special permission. I have decided to accept Shieldwind-rhya's generous offer to join his pack and become a Guardian of Cold Crescent."

Eternal Reassurance pauses there. His new Alpha is not there; his new Alpha is the Warder of Cold Crescent, and remains there. He breathes in and turns to the Elders among them, offering the bone upon both hands to them.
my whole life is thunder.
Avery takes the bone when it comes time for those of her rank to speak. She speaks briefly, but clearly.

"I have been named Master of Challenges of the Sept of the Cold Crescent. I can be found there most days, and my contact information is readily available if you cannot find me in the sept. In challenges regarding myself or matters more profound than should be left to one of my rank, I defer to the Master of Challenges at Forgotten Questions."

Turning, she nods to said Master, and relinquishes the bone to the Truthcatcher once more.
my whole life is thunder.
Erich again, taking the Bone and holding it kinda loose and easy at his side.

"Uh, so just a quick thing: some of us have been having ... dreams? Like really weird, realistic, repetitive dreams. Mine are actually pretty good. But other people have been having pretty bad ones. And I mean they REPEAT. Down to the little details.

"Also, I kinda felt like one of the people in my dream was real. Like real-in-real-life. I know that sounds crazy, but... I had that feeling."

He chews his lower lip for a moment. Then shrugs.

"Well, just thought people should know. In case other people are getting them too? So far I just know Tamsin and Keisha and Melantha and me are having them."


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