April: Stories and Songs
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As the earth's shadow swallows the light of the moon a new wolf rises from the ranks. She is a sturdy grey wolf, with fur patched in places from the presence of scars, and a black patch tied over her head to hide her missing right eye. Sora Lundgren rises to four paws and trots forward, picking up speed as she weaves through the crowd until she's at its edge. In a burst she runs forward on two legs again, a tall woman with long dark hair, sturdy and strong, in a sleeveless shirt that exposes the runes tattooed around her upper arms.

She turns and faces the assembled septs, chin lowered and blue eye glittering with a challenge, with a dare.

Then that chin lifts and when she speaks her voice is pitched to carry all the way back to the back.


Pause. Grin. Has she got their attention? Yes. Of course she does. She begins to pace, back and forth, back and forth as she speaks/shouts, her spirit infecting every syllable, every word.

"I'm going to tell you some stories," she says, because of course she is.

The stories she tells are not completely unfamiliar to them. They start with things they know. Like:

"Still Waters-yuf!" she calls, shades her one good eye and peers into the crowd like she'll find the Theurge. Finds her, of course she finds her, singer of the song of defiance. Tosses up a hand in a wave and then lets it fall, because there is a story to tell. Starts off quiet, conversational, like she's talking just to her and not a host of Garou. "Clever Child of Gaia Theurge. I've heard of you and I've shared your story. How you used a rite to find one lost to you. How you found one lost when no one else could find him." And maybe Keisha feels a twinge of guilt for this still? Perhaps it's time for that to stop? Because:

"I told your story, as told to me by Echoes of the Lost-rhya, to the Garou of the Split Delta in Louisiana. They had their own lost to find, you know, cubs taken by a darkening thing, a long reaching shadow. Your story inspired them to try something different, to take the things they already knew and twist them to new purposes to get themselves a very different result." She doesn't tell them the result because the result is not the point. The point is hope.

"Falcons! Celduin! Baklava Republik!" She grins. This time she finds them in the crowd, one after the other after the other, each pack that went down into that Pit. A wave to Keisha, there you are!

"Brave and gallant warriors of Gaia! I've heard of you and I've shared your story. How you fought against unimaginable odds, a suicide mission really! How CHARLOTTE," does she not know the Silver Fang's deed name? "Black Sheep-yuf!" Of course she does. "CALLED BACK YOUR LOST to join you in your fight! Protecting Theurges so that they could do their work down below the building of Cold Crescent, beside a pit of unknown horrors, against foes that had killed many before you and would surely have killed many more after. Some of you nearly died in this act of protection and defiance. You laid your lives on the line for those around you, without hesitation or a second thought.

"I told your story, as told to me by Echoes of the Lost-rhya, to Garou in every sept I met. To remind them! Our fight is not an easy one. We will not always come out of battle unscathed, or with every soul that went in still breathing. It was the Sept of Two Ravens who were most inspired. They are a valley under siege, with their hopes and their spirits flagging to the brink of oblivion. The wolves of Two Ravens rose up when they heard your story. They SHOOK OFF THEIR DESPAIRS, and they FOUGHT ON." Again, she does not tell them the result of that fight. The result is not the point. The point is inspiration.

"And those Theurges you protected? Desert Oracle! Treads the Ashen Path-rhya! I've heard of you and I've shared your story. How you summoned a mother. fucking. INCARNA! To cleanse the blight of the Wyrm's minions from beneath the building of Cold Crescent. How you summoned back the lost souls of a pack of Black Spiral Dancers, souls sent away to make room for their terrible fucking totem!

"I told your story, as told to me by Echoes of the Lost-rhya, to the Garou of the Sept of the Lake Devil. Their land suffered from a blight of another nature, a sickness that was making their wolves weak, sick, it was killing them. Their ailing Theurges heard your tale, and they rose up! They banded together, and they summoned to their lands a great spirit to push out that sickness! To cleanse that blight! To heal and to protect!"

Pause. It's quiet now, so quiet, with nothing but Sora's voice echoing back to her from the very rocks. She looks at them, at these Garou of Denver. Brothers and sisters who fight and die together and who now band together to give their totem strength. To give each other strength.

"These are your stories, but they are MORE THAN YOURS! They are a stone thrown into a placid pool, casting out ripples! On this night, when the shadow of the very Earth that we live and die to protect covers the one who gives us our strength!" She throws her hand up, indicating the darkening moon. "We need these stories. We need these inspirations.

"So tell me, Garou of Denver! Tell me! What have you done to LIFT your brothers and sisters? Tell me your stories of INSPIRATION! Sing your songs to CAST OFF THE DARKNESS!"

Her command issued, Eye of Munnin ripples down into her grey lupus form, trots to the edge of the clearing where she sits.

And she waits, blue eye glittering in the darkness.

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[charisma (infectious spirit) + expression + PB, diff -2]
Roll: 10 d10 TN4 (2, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 9, 10) ( success x 8 ) Re-rolls: 1 VALID

Denver @ 11:14PM
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They come, Denver's wolves. From Forgotten Questions. From Cold Crescent. Visitors from other lands. They rise up in answer to Eye of Muninn's challenge.

For each tale and each song Sora sits at the edge of the gathered, in the shadows cast by wolf and fire alike. When they finish, between each tale and each song, she lifts her muzzle to the sky, and she howls, repeating a name, a pack, a deed, a word. Her howl for each is low, solemn, almost mournful. Gifts for the moon as she is hidden by the Earth's shadow.

And when that shadow covers the moon she rises to all fours, and when the current teller-of-a-tale finishes Eye of Muninn paces once around the open space before pausing, raising her muzzle, and she howls to the blood moon. She howls for the loss of Luna's light, even temporarily. She howls for those lost to shadow. And maybe she howls alone at first, but other voices join her eventually, pulled to the sound of her wolf-voice, joining their own in the dirge.

Which makes for a rather difficult act to follow, but follow someone must. And it's then that Sora really steps into her role as Talesinger of the blood moon moot. She shifts into her human skin to make it easier to call, to goad, to push, to shove when someone seems too quiet, too meek. All with her voice and the power of her presence.

"And what did they do?"

"And how did that help?"

"And who did that lift?"

And so on and so forth. Pushing harder as the shadow on the moon begins to lighten, until just when it seems the first shining sliver of Luna's silver light is about to edge out from behind the shadow. Then Sora's on her feet, four feet, zipping through the crowd. Nipping at Garou, bumping them, pushing them, UP UP UP!

Back to the front, where she paces heatedly again, yipping and barking, firing up the crowd. A one-wolf spirit squad.

"Howl! Howl! Cast back the darkness!"

The energy of the masses builds and builds, with Eye of Muninn fairly prancing with it, dancing from paw to paw to paw, until she judges the crescendo has built just right. Has reached just the right pitch. Has whipped these wolves very close to frenzy - but not quite. She is careful. This is the closing of the stories and songs, they are not quite to the Revel yet.

Just when it seems they can't hold back any longer, she lifts her head and she leads them in another howl, boisterous now, a loud cacophony of mingled voices. Pushing back the darkness, casting off that shadow.

When the moon glows like a silvery thumbnail in the sky, Sora cuts off that howl.

It's time for the Revel.

[[Okay, so I've got the opener and the closer for the Stories and Songs, but there's still some time to get your stories in! They will just obviously be between those two posts. Never mind!]]

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CourtCat @ 8:10AM

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