Alexander's Chantry Activity
In the early hours of the morning, Alexander swings by the Chantry. He looks shattered, if anybody happens to bump into him. Kinda like he'd been awake all night. He stops in the kitchen to leave a note on the fridge.

There's something weird in town. Something that feels like decay is going around taking over people and killing them. I think. I didn't hang around to ask, and the spirit who was there didn't seem to know much. I don't think it's specifically after us, but we're definitely on the menu.

If anyone asks, he might have a little more detail. But he just wants to head to bed now, and heads off after pinning up the note.
Because not everybody has Ginger and there may be people who come to the Chantry who don't have access to her dulcet tones, he leaves another note pinned to the fridge. After removing the old one.

There's new trouble in town. A group of cannibals with some kind of supernatural backing, based on the feeling hanging around one of their bodies. They're addicts, looking for young, fit and strong to feed on. If you feel a ravenous hunger nearby, be very careful. Especially if you're young, fit and strong.[/i]

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