SL: Spiegelung [ Attn: Jess and Kenna ]
This is a place holder for now.

The first two or three scenes are going to take place with each PC (Jack and Molly) going solo.

I've got most of the information that I need to start scenes for this storyline. I'd like to kick this off some time next week after I've gathered a few last facts and figures from the relevant players, but if I get them earlier we can start earlier.

I'm not going to specify a set number of scenes or amount of time I expect for it to be resolved; this is going to depend entirely on PC activities and isn't meant to be rushed.
Next week for me might be difficult, as I may be without a computer for all of it (starting this Sat. and going forward), but I'll letcha know what changes.
And here's my manic schedule!

4/15 - Afternoon/evening
4/16 - Evening
4/17 - Daytime/evening (busy in the afternoon!)
4/18 - Evening

All 4/19 and 4/20, as it is Passover celebration AND Easter AND I'm going to be using my spare time to clean the everloving shit out of the new house before I move myself and my family into it.

It should also be noted that my availability next week is going to be scattered, but I could plan an evening/daytime scene if given enough advance time (this would be something we would want to work out over AIM probably). Next weekend (April 26th and 27th) will be actual Moving Day, and following that my availability will be back to something more reliable and less stuttered/shattered/stunted on account of moving homes and activating internet within the new abode and all that.

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