Heresy - The Chains of the Night Loosen [ Attn: Everyone ]
He rises earlier in the evening and does so without sluggishness or confusion. This goes on for days and the Tremere has no one to warn who does not either reach out to him or notice with no small amount of consternation what is happening himself. There's no point warning Dr. Jacobs to be careful or to avoid this person or this street. The man survived Vienna and Chicago. István believes he will survive this.

István believes a lot of things that may or may not be true.

So while the Nosferatu and the Panders are chipping at each other and the cops begin to wage their own war against what looks like a band of homicidal Brazilian bikers István travels to Ives, Sullivan, and Company. The world is possibly ending and he wants to go to the library.

[OOC: Joey he's mostly conducting historical-precedent research but if there's some sort of scientific explanation for what's happening that'd be dope to walk out with too.]
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