Bite's Back [North downtime]
The park is found right where Sam had said it would be on her hand drawn map. He had watched it first from the other side, ensured that it was safe and unmolested in that part of the universe humans couldn't see. Then he put things in motion, planted hints and thoughts in the ears of people who had the attention of someone who wanted nothing to do with him. Every day once in the morning and once the bells ring to release students to their transports or parents waiting hands, the stray is sitting at the edge of the park where children play on nice enough playground equipment while being watched attentively by their dogs and humans.

He has to be careful because things are different in a place like Denver. The technology is better, surveillance is wider and the streets are patrolled to remain safe. This makes every change and every movement more complicated. Invisible becomes more difficult and he has learned what his brethren have's either retreat or adapt. So he is called Urrah and his kind tread lightly in the shadow of man.

There's a small nitch of an area between two buildings across the street from this park and that's where he watches downwind, where the dogs won't catch his predators scent. Lying on his belly he watches the twenty something woman help the little blond girl up on the slide and his tail begins to thump slow then fast. Ears perk with interest and he shifts from his belly to sitting on his haunches.

They play for thirty or forty minutes, the woman never engaging the other mom's. She even forgoes petting the dogs despite their whines for attention.

He watches her pack up the little girl and leave and only then does North do the same.
[Image: IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-NYC2.jpg]

He's been tracking this lead for days now, always one step behind the man that picks up 'free to good home' pups on Craigslist Denver and uses them for fighting, or worse yet, bait dogs. And this man and his deeds are not exclusive to the canine species. North has watched him use all manner of four legged beast in his fighting pens to teach these dogs how to kill and kill quickly. Without concern he pits two dogs against one another like Gladiators in the Coliseum in order to turn a quick buck. It carries with it no honour, no glory and yet they fight because he is their human and the act seems to please him.

The ring has moved on. The winners - or the dogs who lived to fight another day - were packed up in cages and hustled to another locale. But North can smell them just as sure as if they had been chained up right there at his feet. The scent though was stronger than just dog and he dropped to all fours and put his nose close to the earth where the dogs had been chained.

The scent was definitely dog, but multiplied by 1000. It wasn't the smell of a group of dogs or a pack of dogs or even a kennel of dogs that caught him unaware. It was the essential smell of wolf or something wolf-like, pure and concentrated in the air. It was dense with a whiff of wet fur and a back odour like urine.

And blood. There was also a bloody component to it, mineral and meaty.

His hood was pulled up over his head and his jeans had worn holes in each knee which meant that his bare skin was sinking into the wet dirt that had been soaked with piss and blood and spit. Slowly and as if each movement of his joints and muscles complained to him, he stood up and without bothering to wipe off his knees or the palms of his hands, he started walking back toward Downtown.

He needed to see a man about a dog.

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