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The events outside of a certain house in a certain area of Colfax ended in something of a rush Wednesday night, but that was far, far from the end of the evening for those that were there. The last Jade Castle saw of Kali, Billy, and Bo, the trio were getting the hell out of Ddoge one way. Jade and her collected prize? Well they went another way, didn't they?

The slender little snake pulled her unconscious burden from the ground and tossed him unceremoniously over her shoulder, so that she could make her way quickly to a place down the block, where in a matter of minutes it would take a nondescript car to pull up. Then she dumped the body of George Phipps unceremoniously into the back seat. Ah, to put him in the trunk, but too many potential eyes, see? The curious are more likely to notice a body dumped in a trunk than they are tossed into the backseat of a car. Jade closed the door, quickly made her way around to climb into the front passenger seat, and away they went.

Liam does the heavy lifting from there. They go to the place where Jade has her ceremonies. It is an interesting little room. Maybe once it was a boiler room, or a storage room, or something. It's certainly a very convenient little room, located somewhere underneath a section of downtown Denver, with a discrete entrance one practically has to know about in order to find. On the walls of the room are painted figures and emblems. There is a table in the center of the room, with bindings because not everyone likes to be strapped to an altar, do they?

It pains Jade to use this room for this, but who knows? Perhaps by the end of the night she will have the opportunity to use it for its intended purpose, and she will leave this place glutted with information and vitae alike, and won't that be just delightful?

Is Phipps awake by the time they reach this room? Is he awake and struggling? Is he pliant? Whatever the situation, Liam is a big, strong man. If Phipps is prepared to be cooperative, Jade will be as well. There is a chair for him to sit upon, free and unbound. If not, well, there is a table with bindings right there, and a great big strong ghoul from Ghana right over there, ready to put him on it.

"Hi there!" she says when all is ready. There is a smile on her face, and when Jade smiles it's all charm and sweetness. "You'll have to forgive all this cloak and dagger shit, but I wanted to talk to you and well, honestly, things were a little intense back there. I thought we could do with some privacy, hm?" Jade is not sitting in a chair, she is dressed still in her dark clothes meant to blend into shadows, her long dark hair pulled back to the nape of her neck so that it's out of her face.

"There are some things I'd like to know. Your name for starters." Liam moves to stand behind George's chair, an imposing presence bearing down from behind the man. "And who you're associated with."

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