a gift [attn: Laurel]
It takes time to craft a masterpiece. Amber has at her fingertips a life of leisure, one full of all the time in the world, if she wants it. If she would just snatch it up in her hands once more. Soon enough she will, but she has one final commitment, the painting of the warehouse.

She keeps strange hours, staying awake through the night and sleeping in the earlier hours of the morning before going off to that job, only to repeat the cycle all over again. Her time in the home she shares with the Lasombra known as Flood is occasionally spent in the company of her domitor, but for the most part her time is her own. She does with it what she will.

And for some time, what Amber does with her leisure time is exactly what she does in her work time. She paints. This is no ordinary painting, though, this is a painting done with special materials. The paints, the easel, the brushes, these were given to her by a friend and as soon as they were in her possession Amber knew what she wanted to do with them.

More than a week later Laurel will find a box leaned up against the door to her apartment. The dimensions are not overly large, the box itself is a little bigger than a foot and a half by two feet, and only a few inches thick. There is no shipping information, whoever left it for her brought it themselves, left it themselves, just who was it? There's a note (along with a gift card with a significant amount on it for a local framing shop), haphazardly folded in an envelope taped to one of the sides.

"You're place is too fucking bare.
- Amber"

Open it up, and it's Laurel's face staring back at her, captured in paint and put on a canvas, only it's not the Laurel that she's been seeing in the mirror lately. It's Laurel's face without the worry, without the unsettled feeling that rests in the pit of her stomach. There is darkness all around a face that is fucking luminous. The darkness, it looks like it's ready to swallow that golden glow, that light, snuff it out, but that face.

Laurel's face.


Is proud. Is strong. Is defiant.

And with no Amber around to hand it over, the woman can't try to refuse it, can she?

[Image: laurel-painting_zps619be181.jpg]

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