So this is totally optional, and anyone who replies is welcome to include or exclude whatever information they like (you don't have to copy me.)

  • Name: Howl or Ariel (either is fine - I don't have a preference)
  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Age: Too fucking old to still be living in a small apartment with a rommmate.
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (moon in Taurus, Virgo rising.)
  • Occupation: Uhhh... does "ex film student and wannabe writer" count? (If not, I suppose photo technician works.)
  • Gender: I identify as genderqueer/genderfluid, but still use female pronouns. (If anyone would like a more detailed explanation about this, you're welcome to discuss it with me privately.)
  • Favorite WoD Game(s): MtA
  • RP Quirks: I have more character ideas than I have time. I somehow can't manage to make myself write in present tense (I blame the fact that I work on my novel when I'm not playing, so I default to past-tense when I'm not paying attention.) If I fuck something up, I will point it out just so everyone knows that I know I made a mistake. (Also so I will remember to fix it later.) I'm probably the slowest writer on the site. I can't multi-task to save my life. I have a thing for call-backs and recurring themes in SLs.
  • Things that will turn me into a gushing fanperson: Wong Kar-Wai movies, good music, people who fight for social progress, the space program, amazing feats of science, the natural world, mangos (shut up - mangos are amazing,) tea, and probably some other things I'm forgetting.
  • Contact Info: my e-mail and aim account is: drowningindeepblue[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • Availability: My work schedule currently bounces around between daytime and evening shifts, so I may or may not be around some days. Evenings are the best (only) time to catch me. Saturdays are usually out. Sundays are usually good. The rest of the week is kind of a grab bag (though I think I'm usually around on Thursdays.) When in doubt, ask ahead. Smile
Name: Kendra
Handle: Kenna, Kennaflynn, Kennahead, Flynn
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Age: 24.5
Gender: Female

Occupation: "Company man" for eBay. Which is to say I'm entry level, but already working my way up the ladder.

Favorite WoD Games: The only game I can and probably will ever call 'my game' is W:tA. I'll dapple here or there if lured with promises of trinkets and engaging roleplay, but I always default to and prefer Werewolf.

RP Quirks: Golly, it's weird to call them out, isn't it? Self-transposition, I suppose. I tend to play petite firecrackers because that's what I am, so it's easier for me to put myself in the shoes of such characters and play them genuinely. I tend to have more fun with Kinfolk, but a good Garou's got game too.

Brief Bio: And boy do I mean brief. I was born and raised on a farm in Iowa (eastern Iowa, but shout outs, Share!). Got relocated a few times, landed in Utah. I was married and have a 4 year old son from that marriage. I have since divorced that man, and am now engaged to be married to Mr. Right. Our wedding is July 20th 2013.

Availability: ..which brings me to availability. I am SCARCE AS HELL these days. And truthfully probably will be for a time. I'm currently engaged in wedding-mania, and then as soon as the wedding is over I will be going to court against my ex-husband for full custody of our child. Goodness knows how that will go, so things here may fall to the wayside every so often if my life becomes hectic or stressful because of these things.

Contact Info: I can be reached on my AIM handle -- Kennaflynn. As far as actual roleplaying goes, most of my scenes will need to be on the forums because my availability is so sincerely handicapped right now. But I'm happy to join in! I just need prodding every so often, so IM or FPM me if you wish!
Name: I respond equally to Samael, Sam, Jeremy, Jer, JT, Ravyn and "Hey you"
Location: Beaverton, Oregon (that's a suburb of Portland for anyone curious)
Age: 36
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius. Yep. I'm one-a those types.
Occupation: Site Editor, Reporter and Columnist for pop culture website
Gender: Male
Favorite WoD Game(s): All oWoD games ranked in order: Demon (Seriously, it's beyond underrated), Mage, Werewolf, Mummy, Vampire, Hunter, Changeling, Wraith
RP Quirks:
* I generally play opposite gender characters because I identify with them more. (Seriously, I play MUCH better female characters than I do male ones. Don't know why it is, it just is.)
* Nearly all my characters are conceptualized in order to struggle with an idealistic side and darker nature in some way.
* I love to ST but never have time.
* Most of my characters will use pop culture references where and when appropriate.
* All of my characters have their musical tastes completely thought through and decided before I make a character sheet.
* I am intimidated by extremely long posts and feel a need to try and make mine longer in order to match style. (Please don't stop doing long posts though, it makes me a better player by trying to expand beyond my boundaries.)
Things that will turn me into a gushing fanperson: Joss Whedon (all things related to him), Doctor Who (all related things), Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Joy Division, Joy Division, Joy Division (that was not accidentally typed three times, for the record), social progressivism, LGBTQ equality, most things comic book-related, Felicia Day, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch in general, Rent, Bob know what, I could go on and on and on because I am an unrepentant and giddy geek fanboy extraordinaire, but I'll stop there. You'll hear me squeeing about the rest at some point or another.
If my life had a 5-song soundtrack:
1. Amanda Palmer - "The Bed Song"
2. The Guild - "I'm the One That's Cool"
3. Jim Sturgess - "I've Just Seen a Face"
4. ATB - "Long Way Home"
5. Five For Fighting - "100 Years"
Contact Info:
* Email:
* AIM: SamaelSmile
* Twitter: jthomas411mania
Availability: I am available most nights. I am working but I work from home and have full internet access, along with the ability to devote at least some time to game. The only day I am generally not available is Saturday nights, as that is my TT night. Mornings to early afternoons are sketchy because of my late schedule, I sleep in a lot.
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
  • Name: Damon
  • Location: Currently? Shanghai. Normally: Chicago, IL. In spirit: San Francisco :]
  • Age: 38
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius /highfives Sam
  • Occupation: I'm pretty sure I'm a well-educated, highly-paid species of zombie. BRAAAAINZ.
  • Gender: O-> .... okay yeah that just looks obscene. It was supposed to be a male symbol.
  • Favorite WoD Game(s): WtA. I'd play CtD too if I had time, maybe. VtM was historically my game way back in the day, but I can't really make it gel anymore for myself. And MtA, though I've tried and tried, just doesn't seem to stick :[
  • RP Quirks: I'm OCD about my gallery. And I love floorplans and maps and the sort. I tend to get cravings for whatever food my char is eating. I'm a vain bastard so all my chars tend to be App 3/Intel 3+; however, I'll point out that while I've played an App 1, I've never played an Intel 1. So evidently brains is still > beauty for me. I play a lot of Ahrouns and GRR-types, and I've historically sucked at playing kin. However, right now my Ahroun is pretty chill and my kin is like my favorite char. So, times change :]
  • Stuff I Appreciate: Er - this list is very long. A sampling: that feeling when you work really hard and get what you want out of it. Good music, typically with at least a bit of EDM influence, and usually more on the downtempo end. Good food, particularly of the well-made and slightly posh, yet very meat-heavy variety. So like: a good steak :] Community/Parks'n'Rec/several other NBC shows. Zero Dark Thirty's the best movie I've seen lately, but the Dark Knight Rises was probably my favorite over the last year. I really like dogs! And Chicago. And skiing and surfing, though neither of those are available in Chicago. Sometimes I go on tears about Disney music. I'll argue with anyone who claims there's a better city in the world than San Francisco. I wish I could put Mass Effect on this list of stuff I liked, but ME3 has turned me into a fuming butthurt-fanboi. 3 colors of explosions =/= different endings. And of course: I really appreciate RP. Good players, good posts, being brave about pushing boundaries w/ scenes and interactions. And seriously, if I compliment you on a post, I'm not just being nice. I mean it!
  • Soundtrack: Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat. LMAO.
  • Contact Info: Catch me on AIM - TheDamonian. Or email - id.ascendant at gmail. Don't FPM me; it might be weeks before I see it.
  • Availability: I'm... basically... not available right now. LOL. I might have a bit more time in the evenings again come late June. But yeah, between conferences/meetings and studying for my recertification, I'm pretty much flattened at the mo.
  • Last Thoughts: I wanna put this down somewhere and then just let water pass under the bridge. I really like this site, guys :] I think there's been escalating drama and backbiting and snittery over the years on various RP sites, but there's none of that here. As far as I'm concerned the past is past; I'm pretty much willing to start on a fresh page. Also, I think I might have a bit of a reputation for being alpha-male-ish/hardassed/short-tempered/a dick. And the truth is, sometimes -- especially if I'm stressed out IRL -- I will be all those things. But I'm likely to be more laidback now that I honestly don't have time to be anything BUT laidback about RP, and I'm making a conscious effort not to be so ... difficult to work with. So if we've butted heads in the past (and I'm sure I have with some of you, though honestly I don't even really recall most of that old drama), don't let that stop you from interacting with me now if you want to. And it's okay to ask me to stop being an ass if I'm being an ass.
Name: kai!

Location: You're looking at it.

Age: 31

Zodiac: Slytherin! Also: Capricorn, Sagittarius rising, sun in Capricorn, Moon in Libra. Yin Metal Rooster.

Myers-Briggs Type: ENTJ, last time I checked


Contact Info: If you need something from me as the Werewolf Administrator, use werewolf [at] woddenver [dot] com. To contact me as an ST (as in: related to a current storyline/scene I am running or a scene I have/will run), use forums PMs. As a player/buddy, my AIM is in my forums profile or already on your list. You can also use forums PMs if you just want to RP with me sometime.

Availability: I am generally on in the evenings during the week and my weekends are flexible, but I do not keep a completely consistent routine. My schedule is often very last-minute, so I try not to plan too much ahead of time.

Favorite WoD Game(s): First Tier: WtA and MtA. Second Tier: CtD. Third Tier: WtO (which is an amazing game, but must be followed unfailingly by a marathon of Care Bears or your less-heartwrenching Pixar movies). Not Even A Tier: VtM -- I started out on this, like a lot of people, but it just failed to hold my interest when I discovered the others. I've never played Demon, Mummy, or Hunter, so they are... in the cloud around the tiers?

WoD Site Background: Since about 1997 or 1998, I have been on Ashland, St. Louis, the Emerald City*, one version of D.C., Charleston*, a multi-chronicle forums troupe calling itself Squirrel Trap*, Chicago, Epoch, a nWoD site called Dwell in Darkness (for about 7 seconds before I realized I just couldn't quit oWoD), the more recent version of D.C., annnd Denver*.
[* - site where I served as admin of a chronicle or system for at least some period of time]

RP Quirks: I have a thing about matching logins, mostly only in 1:1 scenes (both players use first name only, or first + last, or deed name) which is very silly but it makes me happy. I often choose playbys and compile playlists before I know anything else about a character. I hate the 'Concept' line on character sheets and consider Nature and Demeanor optional (for online games, at least). I do not care how long or short your posts are as long as you're engaged and contributing to the scene, so please stop apologizing for writing anything less than 3 paragraphs. Not having a floorplan for an apartment/condo/house my character lives in drives me nuts and I will sometimes a) not put up pictures at all or b) draw a floorplan myself. I love quotes and hints at background info in galleries (my own and other people's). Sometimes I play combat badasses or delicate hothouse flowers, but I just can't make myself play anything less than INT 3. As an ST, my one-shots are dangerous and my storylines often delve into Deep Psychological Shit. If my character is reading a book in a scene, I will almost always specify which book it is and only very rarely use a book I haven't read myself. I usually know which Sims 2 Life Aspiration my character would have. If they were a Sim.

Stuff I Appreciate: Architecture and design, cities with artful/historical/interestingly evolving/socially + environmentally conscious urban planning. PBS (particularly Mr. Rogers, Reading Rainbow, Sesame Street, and Idea Channel), Parks and Recreation, and Mad Men. Denver's incredible and diverse culinary culture. Whiskey. I love to sing and rather than say 'music is very important to me', I think that connection to music is a fundamental part of being human. Feminism, queer equality, and children's rights are very important to me. Generally anything I am into or set off by at the moment, I will Just Have A Lot Of Feelings about.

Etc. After reading other people's notes above, I wanted to repost this (more detail, for one thing). But also to just get this out there: some of you and I have had problems before. We might have talked about it and been unable to find a resolution, or we lashed out at each other, or we never talked about it and things just fell apart. If you want to talk about it now, we can. If not, I want you to at least know: I don't care anymore. I've let it go, and I'd like to RP with you. To me, this site is a fresh start for everyone and it means a lot to me. You're here, you're involved, and that makes me happy.
my whole life is thunder.
Name: Noel

Location: Moore, Oklahoma -- Yes, that Moore, and no my house didn't get hit. But I watched the blasted thing. <-- missed me by that much...

Age: Thirty

Zodiac Sign: Virgo. I don't even know what this means about me.

Myers-Briggs Type: INTJ

Occupation: Software Engineer

Gender: Female

Favourite WoD games: VtM (which was my intro to WoD) and MtA.

Availability: Every day except for Monday and every other Saturday-ish. I'm mostly around from 7-11 Central.

Contact Info: is my email, but I rarely check it. Most likely to get ahold of me via PM.

RP Quirks: I can't RP out any love scenes or romantic relationships. That's a big stinking rule with me, cause I'm married, and he isn't cool with that. Being in the presence of adult/mature scenes is fine though. It's not going to squick me out.

Characters I play are usually moldbreakers in some form (I played Brienne of Tarth in Pathfinder before I even knew about Brienne of Tarth, for example). And while I enjoy a good tactical combat, I prefer story over mechanics.

Things that make me smile: SCIENCE! And math! I have a model fifth dimension sitting on my desk at work. It's pretty nifty. I love Game of Thrones and Babylon 5, and RPGs of practically any type. Kittens. Kittens make me smile as well.
Name: ixphaelaeon
Location: Pennsylvania.
Age: 33
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Occupation: Student
Gender: Female
Favorite WoD Game(s): I adore W:tA and M:tA
RP Quirks:
**I have a really hard time playing characters who stick to dating any one gender. Only a few of my characters over the last decade have done that.
**If I don't know you, I will be all bashful about asking you for scenes/asking to crash scenes. If you see me playing with like three people, it really isn't because I only like those three people, it's because they're the three people I've learned to talk to. (But, I will warn you, if you train me to trust you you will never get rid of me. It's true. You can ask Samael.)

Contact Info:
* Email: Just ask. Smile
* AIM: ixphaelaeon (WARNING: I often sign in on the iPad/my phone and then am doing other things/walk off to another room/miss a notification/fall asleep - feel free to re-ping me if I don't answer you, if I continue not answering you I am probably not there. Please don't assume I am ignoring you.)

Availability: Generally whenever. I have online school and work two part time jobs from home. Some days I laze about all day. Some days I have no time. I mostly never know about what day is what until the day of.
Name: Heather or Mindy
Location: Oklahoma
Age: Twenty-six
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Occupation: IT Worker person
Gender: I'm female!
Favorite WoD Game(s): MtA, though WtA has a place in my heart
RP Quirks: Let me know if you're multitasking, and please let me know how fast/slow you want to post. I don't mind changing up on speed or anything, but some things I prefer someone not multitask during. For instance, if we are running combat I don't want you to run off and go be doing something else at the same time UNLESS you've already proven you can keep up.
Things that will turn me into a gushing fanperson: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Contact Info: I plan on hanging out in the OOC for scenage. Huzzah for the OOC! Or I'll chill out in a room and mark myself as open
Availability: Mostly weekends! My weeknights are full of real life fun-ness so please don't schedule me for anything big then.
Name: Vesta
Location: UK, spitting distance of London
Age: 30-something
Zodiac Sign: Leo. Roar. Really don't think I'm your stereotypical Leo though.
Occupation: Paramedic these days. Used to be an IT manager, but decided it wasn't good for my health. So now I'm buggering up my back, rather than my mind.
Gender: Male
WoD History: Never played tabletop. Have played on London by Night (mage called Justin Lawson), and Chicago by Night (Callista Alexander).
Favorite WoD Game(s): Mage. Haven't played the others yet. Vampire doesn't really appeal all that much, but I think I could get into Werewolf.
RP Quirks: Usually like to get another language or two into my PCs. Takes me ages prodding at a character sheet to get one I'm happy with - I'm amazed at people who can whip one out in 20 minutes.
Contact Info:
- AIM: delphicuk
- Email woddenver{at}darklighter<dot>co(dot)uk
Availability: Variable. I work shifts, so spent a lot of time shuffling my body clock around. I won't generally do much on the nights before a shift, but might pop on for a quick chat.
Name: Jacqui

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Age: 31

Zodiac: Aquarian, baby.

Occupation: Graphic Designer slash IT help desk monkey.

Gender: I'm a lady.

Contact Info: I just created an AIM purely for RP related shenanigans that is attached to this profile @ I'm not terribly creative.

Availability: I work a lot from home or otherwise chained to a computer so I'm often around during the evening (US Time) and occasionally early mornings (US Time).

Favorite WoD Game(s): Werewolf is my jam, with Vampire and Mage coming in close seconds and thirds.

WoD Site Background: I mostly spent my prime RP years (I sound like an aging wine) on Chicagodusk playing Werewolf and Mage, with a sprinkling of other systems thrown in there, too. I've played freeform, I've played in chats. But I really dug my time on Chitown.

RP Quirks: Honestly, I'm a pretty laid back RPer. I think I probably had/have reputations from my time and I don't know if they're good or bad reputations but if you approach me, I'm usually always up for a chat. Unless I'm elsewhere which happens, also. Just know I tend to suffer a little from detail forgetfulness. Math is not my friend so I may panic over dice and require excessive petting and comforting.

Stuff I Appreciate: Comics, TV shows from the 90's nobody cares about anymore, witty banter, complaining about my country's appalling government, pop culture, food, coffee.

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