Storylines and/for/by You
I encourage players to run scenes for each other. I am always excited when I hear that is happening. I want you to feel like you're able to stretch out and have fun within the setting. How happy does it make me? I will award XP to whatever PC you want it applied to, even (especially) if none of your PCs were involved.

Please realize that as soon as you feel that you're putting on your ST hat, though, you must also take into account the fact you are doing so in what is a collaborative creative environment. Things may be happening that could be effected or effect what you have going on.

You may not even know it. There are implications and consequences. Think Brownian motion.

I'm just the man behind the curtain, but I need to be informed of these things.

'But Joey, that's common sense,' you say!

To that I reply: You would be surprised!

That being said, our system will require that I be informed by forum PM or e-mail (vampire [at] woddenver [dot] com) of storylines you're running. This may need to be beforehand (and may require approval) in some cases, or as soon as possible after the fact in others.

The rules for differentiating whether you need to let me know before or after the fact aren't always hard and fast, but there are a few guidelines that could make identifying which your storyline, one-shot, or scene qualifies as. Sometimes these will even overlap and intersect into a Venn diagram type mine field.

It will be navigated thusly.

These examples and characteristics will be broken down into four categories:
  • beforehand;
  • beforehand with approval;
  • after the fact (you can even throw it into the monthly journal you want ST XP applied to);
  • as soon as bloody possible.
Here are the questions you may want to ask yourself:
  • Does it involve an NPC as listed in the NPC list on the system pages or within my Jove gallery? You should let me know beforehand and with approval.
  • Does it involve any NPCs you'll be creating with power levels outside of the basic rules for quick play or neonate characters? After the fact is fine.
  • Does it involve any NPCs you'll be creating with power levels of ancillae? Beforehand.
  • Does it involve any NPCs you'll be creating with power levels greater than would be approved for a PC? Beforehand with approval.
  • Is there definitely the possibility of a Masquerade breach or is one integral to the storyline? Beforehand.
  • Was there a Masquerade breach? As soon as bloody possible.
  • Are law enforcement or emergency services involved? After the fact is fine.
  • Would it end up in the news? As soon a bloody possible, and it would be a lot easier for me if you were the one who made the forum post notifying the general public (read: PCs not living under a rock).
  • Is this storyline going to involve possible deadly conflict between two or more PCs? This one is complicated. If the players are fine running this between themselves or are able to pick a neutral storyteller to step in and handle the dice or otherwise moderate, after the fact is fine. If even one of the players wants to get me involved, even if the storyline has already begun, pause the scene and let me know as soon as possible.
  • Does it involve supernatural NPCs other than vampires, ghouls, or ghosts? Beforehand with approval.
  • Did things get bloody? As soon as bloody possible.
  • Might it inflame tension between the Sects or independent clans? Beforehand.

As for how informed I need to be, in any of these categories, a bullet point list of important NPCs and a brief outline of the storyline is all that's necessary.

If at any point a player with a PC involved in a storyline wants to appeal to a higher power on a system or dice ruling, pause the scene and let me know. It will also make life easier for you to let players know if there's a possibility of death, dismemberment, or permanent psychological damage.

This thread will remain open for any questions, concerns, or comments you might have.

Thank you for your time.

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