A Letter and a Gift [attn: Sid, Sera, Grace and Lena]
Some point before dawn on Sunday morning, two visitors found their way onto the Chantry property. No one but the node's guardian saw them come or go, and no alarms were sounded. They came and went silently, and the only sign of their presence was left on the dining room table: an ornately carved wooden box and a scroll of paper tied up with red ribbon and marked with a wax seal.

A simple note on the box said: For Sid, Grace, Lena and Serafíne. My four brave Valkyries.

Whoever found and opened the scroll, they would discover a letter written in delicate, flowering cursive. This is how it read:

My dear ladies, I must apologize for not being able to thank you properly. You see, I have been called away, so my plans to invite you all to tea shall have to be postponed for another day. Red and I have sent the other spiders back to the place they were summoned from, and good riddance I must say. Never particularly cared for the things, myself.

It is a rare thing these days to find those who will so willingly put themselves at risk to help a stranger. I wish that I had more to offer you in return, but I hope that the contents of this box will provide some measure of reward. You see, it is more than merely my own life that I wish to thank you for. This house, and this land, were once the home of two very dear friends of mine. But fate brought them cruelty and heartache, as it also took the lives of those who followed. When I heard the news of the Seekers' deaths, it was with great sadness. I am sorry to say that I feared what I might find when I came back here.

But I see now that I need not have been afraid. You have made this house a home once more. I felt it the moment I stepped foot onto the land. It is happier than it has been in many years. And that is a thing that I can never truly repay you for.

Henry Calliergi

And beneath the signature lay a single, ink-dipped paw-print.

Upon opening the box, the recipients would find the following gifts:

1: 8 pawns of Tass in the form of wild mushrooms, each one steeped with Invigorating resonance.

2: A large bag of extremely potent and high quality marijuana.

3: An encyclopedia of bygone beasts (note that this is NOT the book that was used to summon the spiders) with a note suggesting that it be added to the chantry's library.
Sometime recently the book of bygones was put in the library.

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