insinuation #1 [attn: noel]
Verna, you have a phone message

Sunday, May 18th and Verna gets a call from one of her friends at the call center, a woman in her late thirties with tired skin but the enviable ability (or madness) to be optimistic at all times. The woman was one of those who'd dragged Verna to a strip club not too too long ago and giggled at Verna's consternation re: events that were to follow. Oh Verna.

She sounds tense on the phone. "Verna hi. I'm sorry but I really need somebody to watch my kid this weekend. I would ask somebody else but I'm really desperate. I'm really," there's a little bubble-pop, heavy breathing. "Verna please. Call me back." A laugh that sounds helpless.


and a gift

Monday, May 19th, before going to work that morning Verna finds a dead sparrow caught by the throat under the windshield wiper of her car. Fluffed out feathers sad little empty thing.

Unless she doesn't drive. Then it's rolled up in a newspaper on her doorstep, caught under the plastic sleeve protection.

[Noel: if you'd like you may roll me awareness re: gift and, if you'd like, perception + empathy re: phonecall.]
Verna had just drifted off when the phone wakes her up, and don't you just hate that? Good thing it's beside her bed. Bad thing that it's Marie, and she probably wants to go somewhere. This time, the answer will be no.

But the woman on the other end doesn't want to go anywhere. Sounds like she's already somewhere, already having some kind of time, for good or ill.

"Marie? Uh, it is the weekend," she says -- really, the weekend's nearly over. But Marie only responds with a plea to call her back. A thing Verna will get to after sleep, regardless of how desperate her friend is.

[3 Successes on Empathy, and yes, she will attempt to call Marie back.]

Verna doesn't notice the bird, not at first. It's only after starting the car and getting down the road a pace that the bird's wing flaps up in the wind, and that is definitely noticeable.

Strange, she doesn't remember hitting a bird -- that would have made a terrible sound. Unless -- eww eww eww! Somebody put it there?

When she gets to work (because she's not stopping to pry a bird off of her windshield on the highway) she goes off to grab a stick with which to pry a dead animal out of her windshield wipers, giving her a first good look at the thing...

[3 Successes on Awareness!]

[Noel: if you'd like you may roll me awareness re: gift and, if you'd like, perception + empathy re: phonecall.]

Noel @ 8:00PM
[Perception + Awareness = re: Gift]
Roll: 4 d10 TN6 (2, 6, 9, 10) ( success x 3 )

niko @ 8:00PM
I guess not. Witnessed!

Noel @ 8:00PM
[Perception + Empathy = re: Phonecall]
Roll: 5 d10 TN6 (1, 1, 8, 10, 10) ( success x 3 )

Noel @ 8:01PM
Is just two rolls. I'm not going to spam the OOC Smile

niko @ 8:01PM

Marie is terrified. That's what Verna can hear under her let's face it not very good verbal equivalent of a poker face. That laugh was the popping laugh of someone who doesn't know what she's going to do. Who's in a grip of panic.

When Verna does call Marie back…

Well maybe she'll sound different then.


There's nothing 'right' about a dead sparrow stuck beneath your windshield wipers and the drive on the highway didn't do the creature's remnants any favor. It looks decidedly ruffled, though as she prises it away (not easy without lifting the windshield wiper off of it, not unless she wants feathers and …what-not .. left behind) and it finally slides down her car's nose and then stops and then she has to poke it further away with the stick she'll notice that it seems to be missing its legs.

Double-checking her wind-shield and the area around her wind-shield wipers won't reveal any scaly little bird talons.

Good look tells her they were cut off or taken off smoothly or maybe the bird never had them but there's a mark and…

… Verna gets a feeling, easily put down (perhaps) to the situation, but it's stronger than one might expect. Like wasps are walking along the inside of her skin up and down dragging their stingers across her veins and nerves but they've lost the power to sting they're just cold dead things. The closer she gets to the bird the stronger the sense is.

If Verna were superstitious, she'd say it had an aura of dread.

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