Adventure is Knocking [Attn: tithe]
May 21st, 2014

In whatever dark corner of the city that the Nosferatu known as Jack resided in, he would find himself with a voicemail on his phone when he got around to checking it. The missed call was from Molly. This wasn't uncommon, they texted and spoke often, after all.

What was uncommon was the message itself.

"Jacky, I have some very exciting news."

Pause for effect.

"Your reflection's trying to come home. I think. Either way, it was in my apartment just now. It's... I, ah." She faltered here. Even if she wasn't speaking to him, just leaving a message, she must have found what she was trying to explain next difficult to do.

When she spoke again it was with a bit of sympathy staining her tone. That couldn't be good. "There's something about it, though, that you ought to know. I think we should meet. I'll talk to you soon, bye."

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