Chronicling Our Chronicle
These Nights in the Eternal Struggle

Events that took place before the site's opening can be found on the History and the Current Nights system pages.

The Earth Moves
A series of earthquakes- uncharacteristic, but not unheard of- rocked the Denver area just before dawn on June 21st, 2013.

Another series of aftershocks took place on June 24th, 2013, with four security guards killed at the Denver Zoo in City Park when a massive sinkhole opened up near the Primate Panorama.

A Malkavian reports at Elysium that she saw these guards fallen to the ground and seeming to be fed upon, except no vampires were visible, and goes on to rant that the ground opened up as a mouth might to swallow her.

Las Vegas Awakening
Word comes around June 27th, 2013 of a Methuselah awakening from its torpor in Las Vegas, its clan unknown. Some question if it is a Cainite at all, especially considering its apparent activity near daylight hours, though that may only be thanks to living consorts. In any case within nights a Brujah Archon, Vivian Menlow, is sent to investigate. She was found staked out for the sun and hung from the Stratosphere Tower, the Masquerade breach spun into a failed trick by one of the city's more extreme illusionists. A cadre of Sabbat also came expecting a fight. They were either members of the Black Hand or Templars, depending on the source, and disappeared completely after their first day's stay in the city. Justicars deny the rumors and Cardinals use them as a rallying cry. It's all quiet by Thursday, and many believe the entity has moved on.

Duck Lake and Something Wicked
July 8th, 2013, gunfire is reported at Duck Lake in City Park. This is considered tied to the mass hysteria caused when the lake was, for a short time, seemingly transformed to the color and consistency of blood and began bubbling violently. A number of the park's waterfowl are reported fatally poisoned by the occurrence. Authorities link it to the sink hole and recent seismic instability the may have released poisonous gas or chemicals into the water. Stories get around, as they always do, and among Kindred and Cainites its said a flock of ducks were viciously and potently defending the lake. Tremere and Ventrue may know more about the situation and are encouraged to contact the Admin.

The Battle of Richthofen Castle

July 24th, 2013 emissaries of Lady Adelaide, a Ventrue Stratego from Geneva, begin arriving in Denver. They include two ancillae, Jonas Halder and Jun Oka, and a distinguished elder and agent of Adelaide, Wenceslao. Lady Adelaide arrives on the 27th of July and finally makes her appearance on the 3rd of August to hold court in Richthofen, where Elysium is being held by the Brujah Primogen and the only viable candidate for Prince, Helmer Rasmussen.

Kindred are given the chance to claim certain territories and make their introductions. A notable revelation is that the three Tremere who arrived with Margaret Hill are reformed Sabbat of House Goratrix, survivors of the purge and now loyal to House Tremere's cause. They claim Ives, Sullivan and Company, a publishing house, and the University of Denver as their feeding grounds.

Helmer Rasmussen is installed as Prince with Lady Adelaide's trusted adviser, Wenceslao, invited to stay as his Seneschal.

As Lady Adelaide begins speaking to close the proceedings she is interrupted when a stake emerges through her heart placed there by Henrietta in Rags, the former Nosferatu Primogen through diablerized in the 1930s. When he Obfuscate falls a war pack is revealed and a Sabbat attack on the gathering begins. Henrietta's childe Gotfred frenzies when he sees her and comes to her aid when Wenceslao and Samit the Assamite try to fight her off. An Anarch, Everett, tries to rally the Camarilla to Rasmussen's cause and fight off the Sabbat. He dies doing just that.

Henrietta is dispatched by Samit and Wenceslao. Also among the dead are Jonas Halder, Anne Benton (one of the Tremere), a number of Sabbat shovelheads and shock troops, a Tzimisce known as Hawthorne,

Samantha Balbec, a Venture holding the rank of Neonate at the time, saw to it Adelaide was safely carried from the field of battle. As a reward she was recognized as an Ancilla along with all the power and responsibility that comes along with holding a life boon from a torpid Ventrue Stratego.

Since the Siege on Richthofen, Gotfred, the Nosferatu Primogen, has not stepped foot from his subterranean nest to face his Prince- or indeed interacted with any Kindred not of his clan.

The events are covered up using a rivalry between two Aryan and Neo-Nazi organized criminal elements, one of which had supposedly booked the castle under a cover organization for a private event.

The (Police) State of Elysium

Following the Battle of Richthofen Castle the main gathering area of the estate is repaired, but Elysium functions are now being held in a more secure underground bunker within the castle.

Word from On High (From the Lady in the Mountains)
A small group of Sabbat are summoned to meet with Ioana de Moieciu, Cardinal of the Mountain States, in her Basilica, a regional temple in a relocated castle outside of Aspen, Colorado. They bring back word to the Sabbat (though it will no doubt leak to other sects and clans) of Methuselah activity in the region, including Omaha, Las Vegas, Wichita, Salt Lake City, and now a possible Antediluvian at work in Denver to the Sabbat. Blood cults long thought lost to history are resurgent. Finally, she notes that they seek an artifact: The Stone of Enoch. The Altar of Caine's First Temple from The First City.

A Brief (and Explosive) Interlude

On 4/4/14 a car bombing rocks downtown and claims the lives of two ghouls outside a posh Camarilla feeding ground frequented primarily by Toreador and Ventrue. This sets off a renewal in aggressions in with a series of tit for tat reprisals leading to no few Final Deaths on both sides.

A manhunt through June for the suspected bomber ends in a car chase and more explosions. Though the public story is that the apprehended bomber blew himself with a surgically implanted bomb when taken to the hospital for treatment many Kindred and Cainites no doubt suspect otherwise.

More Tremors in Denver
More tremors occur in Denver in mid-May, though if there are vampires aware of their cause, they are not coming forward.

The Chains of the Night Loosen

Vampires suddenly find themselves unencumbered by their humanity (or lack thereof) when it comes to rising at dusk and slumbering at dawn. As soon as the sun sets they are able to awaken and they are also able to stay focused and alert close to its dawn.

[ This timeline is a work in progress and players are welcome to submit entries for addition. ]

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