Upcoming SL: Field Days
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Sure, the home field is an advantage -- but so is having a lot of talent.
- Dan Marino

- This is open to both Garou + Kinfolk.
- There is no player limit.
- Danger level is pretty low to nonexistent, but may spike depending on how things go.
- Locations will mostly be in/around Forgotten Questions but there will be some Cold Crescent/city activity as well.
- Pack participation is definitely encouraged and some scenes will be specifically for packs to work together.
- Solo participation is also encouraged and you can even compete with your own packmates.
- There will be lots of non-combat dice.
- Scenes will mostly happen on weeknights and time commitment will be just a few hours each; in some cases, scenes will be come-and-go and many of them should be open even if you didn't sign up ahead of time.
- Peanut galleries of non-dicing participants will be allowed to sit around cheering/jeering in character.
- Plenty of this will be somewhat tailored to participants, so please let me know in this thread if you're interested and what your usual weeknight availability is.

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my whole life is thunder.
I am interested!

For summer I can even be available most weeknights! Smile
Interested! Probably with Javed as he hasn't had a lot of love from me lately. Availability as per usual: most weeknights and Sundays.
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I will not be available on weeknights until probably September (thank you seasonal shift work!) but Tamsin and Thomas should totally represent.

Look. I have school. And RP. And all my other time is taken up by sheer, unreasoning panic. I don't have time for Reddit.
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Fine, Sam, I guess Phoebe will solo this one it's okay Keisha you gots a Fostern challenge to do you sit this one out bb *rubs your shoulders, psychs you up*.

PHOEBE. Phoebedeebedeebedoo.

Weeknight availability I almost completely forgot to put in here: M-F after 5:30 site time's best.
Oh please count Lola in on this.
Girl needs to stretch her legs and pretty much everything else too.

My availability is largely weekends and Wednesdays. This being on account of the fact that my workdays are 10-hour shifts that get me home only like two hours before bedtime.
Additional note: you don't need to pick a single character to be involved in this. Usual common sense about your PCs interacting with each other applies, but all your characters can come play. Possibly at the same time.
my whole life is thunder.

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I would love to get Sophia out, and Mr. GW, and... Well of course Marina who hasn't been properly introduced to anyone in all this time!
I think this may have become obvious on its own, but I am going to cancel this storyline. I hate to start something without finishing it (or really getting momentum for it), but given the slow season of RP and some roster changes (as well as my own lack of time) I'm going to put this one back in my pocket.

Thanks to everyone who showed interest!
my whole life is thunder.

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