hello hello [freefall greets the septs]
Summer in the Mile High City is hot. Not so hot as some places. It's probably hotter in Oklahoma and it's probably hotter in Nevada and Arizona and New Mexico, but hey, it's still pretty hot. Like an oven, only this summer the air is not so still as all that. There is a breeze sometimes, there are clouds sometimes, there's been rain occasionally. These things make it not so bad as it could be.

Still, hot is hot and the temperatures keep climbing up and sometimes past the 90 degree mark. Despite this, a stranger-wolf appears at the boundary of Forgotten Questions. He is in the Umbra and he is wearing his fur - sometimes (but not terribly) patched with a few scars here and there - and when he gets to that boundary he lets out a yip-yip-awoo? question of a greeting. Hello hello, is anybody ther-

Of course there is. A Guardian melts out of the shadows and though her appearance obviously makes the stranger-wolf happy - see his tail wag, his mouth threaten to drop open in a wolf-smile - he drops to the dirt. Doesn't wriggle and squirm with submission (not unless it looks like he should), but he does show deference. Tail swooshing in the dirt as he lowers his muzzle atop his front paws.

Thus does Freefall come to say hello. When it's time to rise he pops up. Now when I say he pops up that doesn't mean he makes his way quickly to his feet, I mean he leaps! Up! Four feet leave the ground, two feet meet it again, and in place of the wolf is a tall, muscular, bearded man.

He asks about chiminage to the Caern totem and he asks about The Games, yes, The Games. Perhaps he caught wind of the Fianna troupe and followed it here or perhaps he wandered into Denver for other reasons and then discovered their presence. Who ever knows with a Ragabash, and a Bone Gnawer besides.

And he goes to make that chiminage, but before that. The first time his eyes rest their gaze on those tall, glorious, gorgeous red sandstone formations, he claps his meaty hands over his mouth and drags them down down down, eyes widening and glistening all of a sudden. He looks like he's just seen heaven and like he's contemplating just what he'll need to climb right up to the tippy top when-

"No." Someone, a Guardian, saw that look and guessed what it meant.
"No." And if that were the end of it, Freefall would wait and sneak and climb up anyway. But that's not the end of it. The Guardian educates him about the delicate nature of those sandstone formations. How his touch could cause it to crumble, how the oils of his skin could ruin everything forever. Freefall groans, head lolling all the way back before rolling over his shoulder, blatant, childlike disappointment carved into every line of his body.

But he doesn't try to climb (even though he totally could). He is an honorable Garou, and respectful, too. Denied the opportunity to climb to the top, he climbs to someplace lower, to the hole in the formations where Earth's heart beats to offer his...memories? That's what it wants? His earliest memories? Well, that's tough, so he gives the earliest memories he can think of, which aren't his earliest memories, but those are a bit buried, see. He feeds Earth a memory of a grubby, gravely lot behind an orphanage in Los Angeles. There were big kids playing basketball and smaller kids riding bikes and playing with a couple of old and worn out toys. He doesn't remember much more than that, so he dusts off his hands and hop-hop-hops his way back down to ground level. Then he wanders off in search of other business.


Later. Later, the moon is high and bright and the sky is dark over the city of Denver. The breeze is stronger and the air is cooler and Freefall makes his way into the Sept of the Cold Crescent. The elevator gives him the all-clear and he makes his way up. Someone at Forgotten Questions told him the sept in the city is not a Caern but that it does have a weird pit beneath it. Interesting. Weird, but interesting.

He says his hellos to a few people. He has a gift for the Warder (a watch that he won in a bet), maybe checks out the sleeping arrangements but in the end decides not to stay. He'll find a place somewhere, don't you worry.

Hellos given, Freefall wanders off to find something stupid to do. Like maybe try to have dinner at a buffet restaurant he won't ever actually eat at.
A strange blonde tattooed woman follows the newcomer around curiously. Her ghostly blue eyes seem take with the male. It wasn't so much his looks, not that he wasn't good looking, but there was an air of comfort, self assurance, and maybe even friendliness that seemed to surround him.

Even at a distance the sun seemed to reflect off her golden hair in just the right way, seemed to frame her face so wonderfully that it was hard to deny the nobility of her birth. Yet the clothing she wore was worn and stained, and her body was painted similarly to his own, only covering far more.

Sophia' s interest kept her nearby, watching, and mumbling to herself as Theurges are known to do. She took the time to draw his likeness in the sand, only to have it blown away by the wind, and so long as he was there she seemed to keep a curious eye on the stranger in the Forgotten Question! Though she would not follow outside the bawn, she also would not flee if approached.

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