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Hey guys. So I'm sure a lot of you (perhaps all of you) know that Mage 20th Anniversary Edition is currently at work and, with the Kickstarter having been completed several months back, is apparently on target for its December release (if not sooner). We'll see how that holds out, but as it currently stands I am beginning to think ahead to make some changes to the system in order to come in line with the new edition.

The main reason I plan to do this is simple: based on everything I've seen, I love what M20 is doing in terms of bringing the game forward. I think Mage consistently improved itself from 1st Edition to 2nd Edition to Revised, with the exception of a couple metaplot things. Mage 20th, from what I can tell, continues that and also wipes some of the metaplot problems off the map. Nothing will be retconned from the Mage continuity that we play with, but expect some things to change. (The Avatar Storm, for example, may just be less and less of a problem...)

The other reasons I plan to do this is also pretty simple. Going forward most people will likely, when they choose to buy Mage from available sources (generally online retailers like DriveThruRPG), buy the 20th Anniversary edition because it's the newer one. Like V20 and W20, it makes sense to use the most current version.

Now, what does that mean for your characters? Not as much as you might be concerned about, but there are a couple things.

1) We will not be rebooting the system. The current continuity will absolutely remain and any in-universe changes will be made within the context of the game. This probably goes without saying, but I'm saying it anyway just to make sure.

2) There will be some changes made to the character sheet to come in line with the M20 sheet. That sheet is currently available online and I expect to implement these changes within the next month or two, so we will be ready in advance. Luckily Howl's changes have resulted in some changes already being handled, like Dodge vanishing. Others will be new. I was talking with Niko today and when we do this, we will probably set up a new Mage character sheet set for you to resubmit your character to the new sheet which will be easier on us as Admin/Director and allow you to make some tweaks.

The long story short about the new sheets is that there are a couple of new abilities (Art, Empathy, Esoterica, Martial Arts, Politics), some current abilities that go away (Animal Ken, Larceny, Performance) and Technology is being moved to a Skill. I'm still figuring this all out, but some skills obviously fold into others (Animal Ken will likely fold into Survival, Performance into Art, etc.) and others not so much. I will likely allow a combination of a) switching points and b) breaking down skills that are going away into Freebies or Experience Points that can be spent on the newly-popped up abilities.

The long and short of this is that I wanted to give you guys the heads up because as we draw closer to M20's release, I imagine that people were starting to wonder about how it would be implemented. There is a lot still up in the air, but is a good starting point for information. If you guys have any questions/comments/concerns, post them in this thread (or email/FPM me--no IM on this particular one because all the questions will likely take some time for me to answer) and I will address them as best possible.

The best part of this is that M20 is looking fantastic and I'm really excited for it. Just had to get that out there. =)

Thanks guys!
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