Mage SL Wishlist
So I thought it might be cool to start a thread for people to post requests for types of ST'd scenes and SLs they'd like to participate in. If an ST happens to see something on the list they'd like to run, they can contact the player(s) in question and set something up (or use it as inspiration for a larger open SL.) And for that matter, if another player sees a request they'd like to get in on, they can drop their name into the hat as well. No one need feel obligated to fulfill requests. This is really just for fun.

Bearing that in mind, I'll start!

I would love to get Ian involved in some kind of espionage-based storyline. The focus being on information and secret-stealing. Particularly if he is able to get said information via stealth and/or charm/manipulation. I know that Noel expressed some interest in involving Grace in this sort of thing as well (more on the technological/hacking side of things.) Grace and Ian super spy team FTW?

I was personally hoping to find a way to lead Ian's character development in this direction, so if there's a possibility of coming away with a new contact at the end, I will squee with delight.
Super spy team FTW! Big Grin
I just wanted to draw attention to this thread again, because I think it could be a good way for people to coordinate story ideas. Moreover, it'll help me know what kinds of scenes you guys are looking for - which could very well inform future SLs.
Oh! I should post this in here before I forget it. Kiara has a heck of an Occults rating/knowledge base, so any storylines that involve that sort of awareness, she's your girl.

Also anything Life/Entropy/Prime/Spirit, she'd be quite suited for.

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