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The latest of them being my volunteering as Vampire Admin!

The night is young and you're so beautiful.

Think of all we can do with the night.

I've seen many people post that they started out in the World of Darkness playing Vampire, or that at a time it was their favorite system. I ask you to reconsider whatever notions you conceived over sessions or months or even years of playing and think about giving it another shot. I ask that those who haven't played it consider dashing preconceived notions and taking it for a spin. You don't even need to know anything. Just make a freshly Embraced lick or even a Mortal and see where it goes whilst learning as you go. You just might like it!

Where is there a better place to try such a thing?

Going forward I will be:
  • Approving sheets, journals and experience expenditures for the Vampire, Ghoul and Mortal divisions of the system.
  • Working on the overall system setting to flesh it out and (hopefully) help stir up some interest. In making the PC that I submitted I did some research into Denver and its history and it gave me a few ideas for historical hooks and other ways to set a stage for our troupe of player's characters.
  • Running storylines in the form of one-offs, fun fluff and atmospheric scenes bi-weekly (maybe even weekly if my schedule allows for it.) I will be clear about whether these scenes are meant for Vampires, Ghouls, Mortals, or any combination thereof. Once I pin down what kind of game it seems like the players are itching for I plan on moving toward larger scale plots and storylines.
  • I also understand that influence and personal/solo advancement scenes are pretty important in Vampire and would be happy to help all players with that as well (namely the "my PC wants to do this" kind of scenes that need ST oversight).

Now, for a note on style of storytelling and my hopes for the system:

I have always considered Vampire to be one of the most antagonistic systems to play in an online setting. Werewolves challenge one another and sometimes kill one another over kin, territory and plain ol' fashioned honor; some Mages vie for Nodes, artifacts, esoteric knowledge and quantum tech. But Vampires? Vampires go out of their way to make each others' unlives miserable and at times have been known to swallow one anothers' souls in an ancient Jyhad. Just the resonance and manifestations of that word – Jyhad – tells you almost everything you need to know about the Kindred-Cainite social dynamic.

Almost everything.

This is not to say that I think every Kindred is out for another's blood, or that the struggle for power needs to be so overt as diablerie. Some Kindred even opt out of it entirely. That in itself is bountiful potential for a character's story. Like the human pursuit of happiness, the vampiric struggle can take on many forms.

This is not to say that I generalize the Sabbat into a bunch of psychopaths and serial killers in makeshift gangs, or the Camarilla into a bunch of divas and pansies humping in a salon. At the same time, I consider either stereotype to be one that can be played with such gusto that they can make for memorable and inspiring PCs.

The Beast and The Man in each of them is integral to this, and the intricacies of clan, sire and blood that made The Beast or the life and death that made The Man is different for every PC.

As a cook I liken this to a range of ingredients. Sometimes they clash and need to be separated into different courses of the meal. And some players, as with some diners, don't want to indulge in certain meals. Other times they make for a perfect match, despite their differences, and it is those differences that make them the sweet and sour sauce or chocolate covered pretzel (replace pretzel with bacon) that many a wondrous late-night-into-early-morning scene is composed of. That is to say, it may end with all of them getting eaten. But I'll be sure to ring the dinner bell when things are going to get dangerous.

Thank you for reading.

Any and all interested parties,

I've updated the landing page for the system with new Contact and Journal information, the Setting page with a little atmospheric fluff and a History of Denver as it related with the Vampire system, and updated Creation pages, including Vampire and Mortal & Ghoul Creation.

Over the next few days some new system resources under the Setting page will be going live. They'll include the Current Nights synopsis, outlining the state of Denver's Kindred and Cainite society tonight, and NPCs, elaborating on some of the notable persons you might expect your characters to run across.

Boy howdy!

The Current Nights and NPCs pages are now live under Setting. I'm going to be fleshing out some Locales on yet another page, but all the important stuff is up.

This will let you know what kind of Denver your PCs will encounter and also offer some hooks for submissions.

Enjoy! And feel free to let me know what you think or if there's something I missed.


Jove won't actually notify me when you've submitted a character.

It would be great if you give me a heads up when you do.

I know when I submit a character I hate waiting for approval, and it'll speed things along so I don't have to compulsively check two or three times a day. Who am I kidding? I'll still check all the time.

Long story short:

[Image: Yeahthatdbegreat_zps1cc9c575.jpg]


The Sabbat Temple page is now live! CLICK HERE to take a look.

It describes the Sabbat Temple at Union Station, a local transportation hub in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver that is currently undergoing renovation and redevelopment.

Hopefully I can finish the Elysium page by tomorrow night.

The Archbish- I mean Joey.

The Camarilla Elysium page is now live. CLICK HERE to take a look.

I think I'm done with system pages for a while.

Be sure to check out the Storytelling tab for house rules and stuff like that as well.

Going to be kicking off storylines in the next week or two.


Tonight I'll be heading out on my little trip. When I get back I'll handle any submissions or e-mails sent to the Admin account. You can probably expect replies by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Bloody savages,

Supplemental creation guidelines for Thaumaturges, Necromancers, and other characters with blood magic Disciplines have been appended to the Vampire Creation page.

That is all.


The little blurb I wrote up for PC limits in the Vampire system has been modified.

Quote:Each player is limited to 3 total PCs in the system, 2 slots of which are reserved for 'supernatural' PCs (Vampires or Ghouls) and one slot of which is reserved for a Mortal PC.

That means you can end up having 2 Vampires and a Mortal, 2 Ghouls and a Mortal, or 1 each of a Vampire and Ghoul and 1 Mortal within the Vampire system. If a Mortal or Ghoul ends up moving along this spectrum, they still fill their same (starting) PC slot in the system's limit.

I would like to clarify that I would only encourage maxing out this limit if you really think you have the time to do all your PCs justice. I won't enforce that personal opinion in any way, so consider it more helpful advice.


Just want to remind you all!

Journals may be submitted any time between the 1st and 7th of the month.

They can include experience expenditures, kudos, ideas for stuff you'd want to play, tabs on monthly activities, whatever. They can also include downtime activities in the form of IC posts and links to transcripts/forum stuff above the limit of 10-15 lines. Go crazy.

Experience expenditures can be submitted at any time, but you might want to ding me to check on them if you do, because I might miss it if it's after the 7th.

All Administrative and Stuff,

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