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Hello friends,

I removed the Weakness field on the Vampire sheet which required a quick shuffle of all the other stats. Everything should be in order, but take a quick peek at your sheets to make sure all the numbers are where they should be. If you see something is amiss, let Joey know (hah) at the vampire admin email [vampire at woddenver dot com].

- Niko
Make merry and rejoice!

Thanks to our Fearless Director, Niko, we now have dedicated rooms for Sabbat Temple and the Camarilla Elysium scenes.

Independents who pay at least lip service to the Camarilla are also welcome to join scenes in the Elysium room. Just leave your Molotov cocktails at home. Or don't. Just make sure I'm around to run that kind of fun.

Friends! Country People! Lend Me Your Fangs!

There has been some confusion when it comes to the use of blood points and generational spending limits for Celerity and Potence, two disciplines used heavily in combat. Most of that confusion has been my own fault for not clarifying it and taking the time to really analyze the new rulings under V20.

The notes under the Storytelling tab in the System Pages, under the heading "Potence and Celerity" as well as "Vampire: the Masquerade's 20th Anniversary Edition Changes and You!", have been changed to reflect my final ruling on the subject.

Quote:You may spend one blood point to turn all of your dots in Potence into automatic successes on all Strength rolls for a turn. The generational limit for blood point expenditures in a single turn does apply to this system. Those Potence dots no longer count as dice added Strength rolls for that turn.

Quote:You may spend up to however many dots you have in Celerity to convert those dots to extra actions at the end of the turn. The generational limit for blood point expenditures in a single turn does not apply to this system. Those Celerity dots so converted no longer count as dice added to Dexterity rolls for the turn nor do they add to a character's initiative score in combat.

Also, we just hit twenty PCs in the system! I'm very excited about this, as well as seeing the other PCs I know are currently in the works.


At least a few things definitely slipped by me over the past couple months, but as of now I've caught up with all journals currently submitted.

This is also to serve as a reminder that journals for December will be due on the 7th of January.

I'll also be considering scenes that you might've not submitted a synopsis or heads up for over the past couple months. Anything notable happen to your PC that I might've missed? Let me know. This will be a one time thing. Going forward all journals should only include scenes for the previous month.


I've gone through all journals and experience expenditure requests. Your sheets should be up to date and reflect all scenes I am aware of.

As a side note, if you ran a scene for another player or brought NPCs into a scene you were playing in to make it more interesting, let me know and there may be additional experience awarded for it.

If you think I missed something or wish to submit an expenditure request before the next deadline please be drop me a line via forum PM. I'll be happy to take a look.


A few topics to address as we get into April.

First: Spring cleaning! I'm going to do what the other Admins are doing. If I (a) haven't seen you playing your PC and (b) you haven't submitted a journal for March by the 7th of this month and haven't submitted one in the past two months as well, I'm going to retire your PC. Just drop me a line if you would like them reinstated (a relatively painless process).

Next: Just a reminder that all journals are due midnight on the 7th of each month. Kind of redundant after the above announcement, but whatever. I know you all have been playing! Tell me what has been going on and ye shall be rewarded with XP.

Lastly: Many of you have received messages via the forum requesting that you submit stats for Allies and Retainers, as well as details for your Contacts. I thank you in advance for your help on this.


Again, I just want to remind you all that journals (whatever the Hell that word means to you and your PCs) will be due on the 7th.

It couldn't hurt, right?

Don't do anything Caine wouldn't do. Or do. Just let me know in a journal. Or a forum PM or e-mail if it's a big kind of thing. More to come on that in another post that deserves its own thread.

Rabble, rabble, rabble,

A new system page has been added for the Anarch Forum, a location specifically intended for that Sect.

Quote:St. Stephen's Elementary School

This condemned institution, three stories of laid brick and mortar with imposing turrets and crosses that say it was part of Roman Catholic academia, has a sizable footprint in the Federal neighborhood. It also serves as the local forum for debate among Denver's Anarch populace.

Its main bulk taking up most of the block, the rest of the acreage is packed with smaller facilities that once supported it (trailers when additions weren't possible, a gymnasium, and even a parking lot with another across the street) all penned inside temporary fencing with signs for DiNapoli Construction and notices of imminent demolition. Upon closer inspection the dates on these notices have come and gone months earlier.

Most likely another victim of the construction industry's bust, the main school has many entrances. One for each side of the block, each with a large stone stairway one can just imagine children playing on in bygone days (falling on [chipping their teeth on]), and go ahead, look close: some graffiti may yet remain, some sign of life other than bird droppings, than the ruin and decay of time gone by.

Maintenance doors abound, yes, and the main entrances are still there too, bound shut with chain link and large padlocks, though perhaps the most simple and quiet means of ingress might be to kick through one of the boarded up windows that open up into a closed class rooms and offices, depending on which.

Decorations demonstrating letters, colors, shapes and occupations litter the walls, supplemented by seasons winter wonderland Christmas shapes and images that tell what time of year the school was finally shut down. The walls are molded from rain, probably from a leaky roof long forgotten.

The inner walls of each room is lined with security glass windows, the kind that in case a child should break them sharp panes wouldn't fall like guillotines. The hallway on the other side of the glass, and the classroom across the hall with similar windows, are all empty.

There is also, around 'back,' a playground with a swingset, though it is not immediately visible from the street. Not visible from the street at all unless one knows to look for it and has circled and circled: not the way the additions grow, have spread, expanded - like the playground is a secret. Abandoned relic. The saddest goddamn thing.

Thank you to Jess for letting me mash together our descriptions of this location.

For now the page is only accessible through the drop down menu along the top band of Jove.

Viva la revolucion,
Combat Monkeys,

There's a new Combat system page under Storytelling in the drop down menu that pulls together all of the combat maneuvers as well as the charts and things.

I even lifted some Dirty Fighting tactics from the W20 book and am also considering allowing packs, coteries, or gangs of Anarchs to use some of the Pack Tactics.

Where there was vagueness saying that the storyteller ought to decide on stuff I tried to pin down specific systems.

I also used the weapons chart from W20 and added some stuff from V20 in order to make it more vampire friendly. Some of the damage seemed a little intense and I toned them down.

All of my changes are in red for easy identification.

My next projects are:
  • A Combat Primer, which is currently in progress, outlining some of the most common rules and giving examples of their use.
  • Disciplines and House Rules, a few of which are already clarified on the Storytelling system page, but I know there are a lot more that need to be made less vague. I plan on wading through all the disciplines and seeing what might need commentary.
  • Current Events, considering this page is a bit outdated as we've had more than a year's worth of system wide events that may or may not be public knowledge.

Anyone who has any suggestions for disciplines and powers that may need clarification or who wants to try their hand at writing blurbs for the current events section is more than welcome! Any sort of help is always appreciated.


Journals are done. If I messed something up on your sheet let me know.


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