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I woke up to an interesting email this morning. It looks like Harle has returned and she's working on the Jove code again! I don't think this is supposed to be a secret, I mean if you click on the "powered by beta!jove" button on the main site it takes you right to the test site.

Why am I telling you this? Well first, beta versions need testers. If you feel so inclined, go play around on the beta site, and inform Harle of any bugs you find in her forums there.

Second, she has a donate button since coding Jove doesn't pay her at all, and also to help with development. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to or if you can't, of course. I dropped her a little something because of this site and all the enjoyment I've gotten from it over the last year.

What does this mean for us? Nothing at the moment. She's not releasing the final script until everything has been tested thoroughly. That means it won't be released for a while yet, but is still something on the horizon to look forward to.
First I was all:
[Image: fart-9.gif]

Then I was like:
[Image: Excited.gif]
my whole life is thunder.
Also, I want to add my encouragement to donate, even a small amount. If I think about how many years I've been using Jove and how much I prefer it (even the beta version) to other platforms vs. how much I've paid for it, I feel... well I feel like a turd monster, but that's neither here nor there. Don't feel like you have to if you're unable, of course, but if you can, I would love for Harle to get a strong and appreciative response from our site.

Cuz we're the beeeeessssst. *tosses hair*
my whole life is thunder.

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