Potential IC Ties
Name: Avery Chase, Reverence of Dawn, Radiant Honor
Tribe/Etc.: Fostern Silver Fang Philodox, House Wyrmfoe, Lodge of the Sun, doesn't like all this tawdry 'Royalist vs. Renewalist' business butyeahbasicallyaRenewalist
Potential PCs:
From the northeast. Mother was garou, father and younger brother are kin. Nothing comes to mind off the top of my head, but if you have an idea (particularly a Silver Fang idea) and would like them to know Avery, just talk to me and we'll come up with wonderful backstories.
Potential Hooks:
Avery was the Master of Challenges of Cold Crescent before it closed, but PCs may know her from there. She was once packed with Javed Anubis-Sight, a Silent Strider Ahroun, so newcomers may have heard of her from him on their travels. Her contact information is easily accessible, and she's generally well-liked, so it's not hard to get a hold of her.
She is also rather involved in her father/her family's business dealings, which range from restaurants to custom home builders and some stock in brewing... she meets and knows people from many walks of life. Just hit me up, I'm open to ideas.

Name: Devon Paredes
Tribe/Etc.: Fianna Kinfolk
Potential PCs: Plenty of potential for other Kin (probably Fianna) who knew her where she came from, long-lost half-siblings or other relatives, friends from a few teenage years across the pond.
Potential Hooks: May meet her at work (Hooked on Colfax) or meet her through street or occult connections. Get into an impromptu one-shot with her! Big Grin
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Whoa, just noticed this thread got pruned. Okay, my peeps:

Background: Silver Fang without a lot of known history. Apparently something of a wanderer until recently.
Potential PCs: Rafael may have playable kinfolk employees. Ping me if you're interested.
Potential Ties: There's a possibility your PC ran into Rafael sometime in the past, as he's been all over. Additionally, van der Valk is a pretty old name in Silver Fang circles. Other Fangs would probably know the family, if not necessarily Rafael. Garou from the area would also remember a recently-deceased female Silver Fang of the same name, quite influential and high of rank.

Background: Calden's Fianna. Very very Fianna. Like 13294798th generation Fianna. He lives up in the north of the state, where he owns a big house and a successful cattle ranch specializing in grass-fed all-organic American Kobe beef.
Potential PCs: ...you could always play a ranch hand? Big Grin
Potential Ties: Calden's family has been in Colorado since before Colorado was a state, and he's probably distantly related to just about every Fianna born and raised in the area. If you've got one, lemme know!

...is honestly kinda on backburner, so I'd prefer if he didn't get attached to something! But if you really really really want an attachment to a blue-eyed corn-fed Nebraskan Shadow Lord who hails from a long line of Fenrir, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

Background: Morgan's from Portland, Maine. Her ancestors are of Irish descent and she's still got a brother (Callum Roche, Explores-in-Shadows, Fostern Theurge) and grandfather (Thomas Dunbar, Stands-at-Dawn, Adren Galliard) at the Sept of the Four Flames. If you want a PC from said Sept, it's heavily populated by Fianna, Fenrir, Gnawer and Coggies and probably a few GWs and Fangs.

Firebrand has a not so sterling reputation at her former Sept, for details ping me up.

Potential PCs/Ties: As mentioned above, Morgan knows plenty of folk from Portland, if you want a tie in to her, let me know! Aside from her brother, she had fellow Garou she went through her rite of passage with before she split. You could also tie in via her family, extended or direct. A local to Portland back in 2008 would likely remember the not so fun way the Roches met their maker.


I haven't really played him too much yet but he has plenty of Gaian and Silver Fang contacts if you need a less than typical tie in for the system.

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