Meet meat [Char intro]

The new green and black sign was raised high above the brick commercial rental. Beyond the sleek glass doors, the word recycle is really shown. The tables out of glass and cardboard architectural tubing. The stairs are old wooden pallets and the railings reclaimed pipes. Plants hang from old black gas lamps - taken from the far off streets of London. Wheel-less skateboards and decommissioned snowboards utilized as shelves. Patches of grass rose from clean squares cut upon the wine cork floor.

And the front sign itself sporting the C-6 insignia was made entirely out of solar panels; the energy channeled to the inside architecture firm.

Anna was one of five partners and one of three currently at the new Denver office. Just off of rotation from South Africa, the jet-lag showed in her eyes. She was in simple black jeans and a clean white blouse that had Ebola-Free embroidered on the front breast pocket.

With a small smile, she turned to head inside and wait for the finishing wires to be connected to supply power. It was a simple day really; no phone calls to make, no bullets to dodge, no papers to push. Just a set up. And after the release? She could take a nice long walk out of the depression of the new city.

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