Halloween Spook-tacular!
Alright hold on to your butts you guys Kenna's actually running something for once in her life.

Because October is my favorite and disability gave me some time to concoct schemes for a story, I've decided to do a spooky Halloween-y storyline! This is going to be one or two scenes long, depending on how everything gets handled/resolved after the first scene (there may be some follow-up stuff available to do!).

Please note, this is going to be two things:

1.) Risky to your character's well-being, of course. I hope not to kill anyone, but what's an adventure without some maiming at the very least?

2.) This is going to be brought up in the October Moot Cracking of the Bone, so it would make for good atmosphere that your character volunteers in character there if you sign up here!

As far as scheduling goes, I'm planning on beginning on Saturday, October 18th at 6:00pm (site time, of course).

Because I'm still pretty tender and fresh and new to running things, especially group things, I'm going to cap this thing at 4 PC's. Garou only this time around, sorry Kinfolk!
Well what good is an Ahroun if you can't throw them in life threatening situations? Count me in! Smile
*Gimli voice* You have my Theurge.

I've got family staying with me that evening so I can't. :[[[

Do you see how deeply sad that face is? I really want to get Avery in on this if you do follow-up scenes.

[Image: enhanced-buzz-wide-6382-1329860109-8.jpg]
my whole life is thunder.
Crap! That reminds me actually that I have to rescind. At least for the first scene.


If Phoebe can get in on a follow-up scene that would be super rad. Otherwise/until...
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Well given that this night is so booked up that only one person was able to sign up, I'm going to reschedule this scene to some other night.

I'm not 100% positive which one yet, and for that I'm sorry guys (my life is a frantic thing), but it will be in the next couple of upcoming weeks! Let's look at the silver lining here: those howlers of woe may now be able to join in after all! Big Grin

Plus, I forgot our local anime convention is this weekend and omg I'm gonna cosplay as Kiki ('s Delivery Service) and it's gonna be a goddamn blast!

Oh man Kenna that sounds awesome. Have fun at the con and hopefully I can make your reschedule!
Right now I'm looking at sometime in the evening on Saturday November 1st.
How does 6pm site time sound?

Anyone down?

Also, sorry that Halloween shenanigans are actually gonna take place the night AFTER Halloween. But oh well!
I would like to sign up, I should be around next Saturday night! I'll bring my theurge. Smile
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And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free.

- Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
I have a wolf now! I will bring him! Smile

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