Okay, in an attempt to not schedule scenes on top of any other scenes, I'm opening up one slot on Saturday the 25th at 2:00 site time. Up to four peeps. I think Imma do a Halloween-themed deadl, because Halloween. (I would run you guys a scene for my birthday again, but I think we are having cake 'whenever my father is in the mood for cake' so scheduling would be tricksy.)

If I come up with an abundance of cool ideas, I may also schedule a weeknight scene, but we will see about that.

Anyway. Four peeps. Kinfolk or Garou. (Who can be on a farm with pumpkins. Those things must grow in Colorado. They're like weeds. Or maybe these are a special breed of Wyrm-pumpkin that scoffs at your agricultural zones.

Possibly a HAYRIDE ON A FARM WITH PUMPKINS!!! But, I think that's not the most difficult thing ever.)
E) All Of The Above

And also sign up a Phoebe!
I would love to join! I'm not sure who yet. But sign me up!
my whole life is thunder.
I'd be up for it, absolutely!
oh man. I completely forgot to put this on my calendar. and just now realized it. :[[[ I'm so so sorry, ix. did you guys scene anyway?
my whole life is thunder.
No one showed. I think you may be the only one who has yet remembered there was supposed to be a scene.

It's all good though, that day turned out to be not the best day for me to run, so bonus four hours to do all the things turned out to be awesome. Smile And, I can run that next Halloween or something.
Oh my gosh I am so sorry, too! I'm glad it worked out for you, though, Ix.
Oh man, how do I fail, let me count the ways! I'm really sorry ix Sad

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