Incoming Garou, possible new pack?
Hey yo, all!

So I was going to post this in the Packs forum but I wasn't sure I should since the character/pack I'm discussing isn't approved yet, buuut - I'm in the process of making two characters for WtA and one is a second Garou.

She's a Glass Walker, ties to the UK and I was originally going to bring her in packless but I thought I'd open up proceedings in case anyone on site has been hankering for a tie in for a packed garou and fancies perhaps throwing their hat in the ring.

My forthcoming girl is a Ragabash and the totems I'm looking at will most likely fall under Wisdom or Cunning to suit a sneak/informant (though I'm open to persuasion otherwise if there's a really desperately desired totem). I'm still piecing her history together but she will be coming from London to the US with family on this side of the pond (a Kinfolk sister) so plenty of opportunity for tie ins if so desired.

Anyway, just throwing it out there and if anyone wants to brainstorm or discuss, give me a shout (or if you'd just like to potentially link the characters, likewise do so!). Hopefully this is okay to post here Kai, if not, please feel free to move wherever it most belongs!.

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