Important Note About Scheduling Scenes
When you set a date for a scene or scenes you plan to run, please make use of the calendar (top right, 'Events', between 'Member List and 'WoD Denver'). Anyone can create an event. Start and end times are helpful but not absolutely necessary. It's not important that you use a standardized posting format, but putting at least the system and ST name in the subject line is a great start.

This will serve as a reminder for players about upcoming scenes. It will also help us avoid scheduling on top of each other.

Spread the word. Do this for other systems you ST in. Go team go.
my whole life is thunder.
I was going to post this with the red-circle-exclamation-point icon but I went too fast and hit the green bug instead.

IT STAYS. *gavelslam*
my whole life is thunder.

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