[Location] Devereaux Bar and Grill
Where: Situated in downtown Denver just shy of the 16th Street Mall, the Devereaux Bar and Grill [known locally simply as Devereaux's] has been in operation since the early 90's.
Hours: 5PM til late
Run By: Charlie Devereaux, a Child of Gaia Kinfolk [PB3, who smells to Garou a lot like a Silver Fang, oddly enough]
About: A two story building, Devereaux's is decked out in rich southern style, serving hot food until 8PM and drinks until 1AM.

[Image: 2dlt1k6.png]*

The bar features free WIFI, a pool table, plenty of comfortable seating either at the bar, in booths or around the original brick fireplace. Fridays and Sundays are live music nights, when patrons are treated to the stylings of everything from Jazz to Blues to the rock stylings of whichever local band the owner, Charlie, has reeled in.

Occasionally, if they get lucky, the man himself takes the stage to play a little guitar.

Upstairs is a small, one bedroom flat where Charlie sleeps and keeps the books. The barkeeper, waitresses and cook are all friends of Charlie's that he hooked up with decent, paying jobs.

Menu: If it's not Southern, it ain't on the menu.

Notes: Since it opened in the 90's, Devereaux's has also been a reputed safe house for the Garou of Denver. Charlie's father, the late Walter Devereaux, a Fostern Theurge known as Stays the Ready Hand to the Nation made a point of keeping a spare bed upstairs for the traveller in need. While Walter has since passed on, his son keeps to his father's wishes and it's said that had a Garou need, they'd still find safe harbor at Devereaux's.

I'm mostly throwing this up for flavor (and because I totally have intentions to actually play my Kinfolk some day soon) if anyone has need of a random bar to set a scene in, by all means make use of Devereaux's.

*Admire my great photoshopping skills.

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