Possible One Shot Mini SL Thing
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Hey guys!

So, I'm anticipating on running a bit of a one shot saga at some point over the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping to be able to narrow down the when of things precisely so that I can slot in dates and times for everyone but right now I just wanted to get a general sense of who might be interested in a one shot that is:

- Probably in 3 parts, maybe 2 if we're really savvy and piece clues together quickly


- Not so much action packed with a lot of hack and slash (though there may be some) but more atmospheric/puzzley/mystery/what's going on - esque

It would be open to both Garou and Kinfolk alike, I think, as what I'm sort of envisioning shouldn't be limited by what/who is played. If you think you'd be into that sort of a oneshot, something a bit outside the box so to speak, say aye below and maybe let me know what character you might throw in (Rar or non-rar) and what your schedule is like for say, the next couple of weeks (i.e do weekends work better than weekdays for you, if so, which days, blah blah).

I think at this point, I'll cap it most likely at 4, 5 at the max and I'll come back with dates when I think I've got something locked down, so keep an eye out for that. Smile
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I totally want in! Smile Not packed with hack and slash is my favorite!

My next few weeks are mostly open. I have midterm stuff next week, but should still be able to schedule around that for a few scenes so long as we aren't running like 12 hour marathon sessions.
Memememememe! Totally me. I would throw in Sarita!
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Me too, if I can make it!

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