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Since the main theme of this site is non-crossover, leaving each system's Admin free to do whatever they want rulings-wise and not worry about it affecting the other systems, I don't expect this thread will get updated much. However, there needs to be a place for new players to easily find anything that has been ruled to affect every system.

Hence this thread.

Like The Rules and the Admin Contact links, this is required reading for new players, mostly so that they aren't confused by things set up on World of Darkness: Denver that might not have been done on other sites before.

As always, if you have any questions, please direct them to me at director[at]woddenver[dot]com.

Since the decision to remove the rule that ones cancel successes has been unanimously implemented by World of Darkness: Denver's three current systems, I have decided to make this change all across the board. Going forward, any new systems that come to this site will also implement this change.

The Why:
There are so many reasons why. The most important of them, though, is player enjoyment. It doesn't matter if you have 1 die or 15 dice, the Jove dice roller has a very strange idea of what "random" is, and tends to drop a lot of 1s and not enough numbers above 5. This imbalance leaves players feeling frustrated and unhappy, and that's not a thing we're striving for with this site.

The Details:

For those of you that weren't here while this was under discussion, the change is very simple. Ones don't cancel out successes anymore, ta-dah!
"But, Niko, what about botches?" Don't worry, fellow sadists, we can still botch and let STs rain disaster down upon our unwitting PCs. This change removes ones cancelling successes, that's all.

Director's Note: The Dice Roller

Update! Noel has recoded the dice roller, such that it will now announce a true botch (i.e. - a one that is not offset by successes or WP use), so we don't have to be the detectives we once were. Thank you, Noel!

In order for new and prospective players to have a better idea of the number of players active on the site, occasionally I will go through and delete inactive accounts. Here are the details.

What constitutes an inactive account?
If I notice that an account hasn't been logged in for three months I will delete it. This is nothing personal, deleting inactive accounts is not a punishment or a sign that old players are not welcome to return. It is simply a housekeeping measure. WoDD is very active, but it's also very small and I don't want to deceive anyone into thinking we're larger than we are.

What if these accounts had stuff attached to them?
Sometimes players leave because life calls them away or other reasons, and that's okay. Once a month I go through and back up all the sheets, active or retired, for all of the systems. The only things that will be lost when an account is deleted are character drafts and gallery images [EDIT: and probably journals, but all the important stuff (stats, XP and XP spending) is safe].

What if I just want to look at things?
You don't need to create an account in order to check out the site or the forums. Everything that players see, guests can see as well. The only difference is that guests can't log into the chats and they can't post in the forums.

What if a player that left wants to come back?
Do it. Chase that feeling. You can use your old screenname and everything.

That said, I'm the one with the backups of the sheets, not the Admins. So if you had a character in a system just shoot me an email (director[at]woddenver[dot]com) and I'll get the sheet onto your account in a Retired status, and from there you can ask that system's Admin to reinstate it. You don't even have to come up with excuses or anything, a simple, "Please bring back [character name]," or something will suffice.

NOTE! The creator of Jove is currently working on a new and complete and updated code, and I have requested that she add a "deactivated account" option. So, hopefully in the not too distant future this will no longer be a thing *crosses fingers*

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