Howl's SL Timeline
I wanted to make a post here so you guys have a general sense of what's going to be happening plot-wise in the game (at least as far as my stuff is concerned.) It's possible that some of this may be subject to change, but this is the basic timeline that I have sketched out so far.

1: The Black Orchid

2: The Silver Crown

Quest-based with a potential reward. The first part of this is going to be Umbral in nature. I will be dividing this one into chapters and running each piece individually as time, inspiration and availability allows.

3: Ouroboros

This story will focus on the Technocracy. It's very much a long-game SL, and will be slow to get going. Initially, a lot of it will probably be rumors and off-camera events. We'll see where it goes from there.

The order in which things are happening:
  • Reintroduce the Black Orchid SL. Focus on this one until it's at a good stopping point.
  • Introductions for the Ouroboros SL.
  • First chapter of the Silver Crown SL.
  • Misc. Ouroboros set-up and follow-up scenes happening throughout fall/winter.
  • Halloween Awesomeness (October)
  • The Silver Crown: Chapter 2 (November)
  • Break for Winter Holidays
  • Part 2 of Ouroboros. (January)

(After that, we'll see how things go.)

It probably seems like a lot of stuff is in the works, but the pacing will be moving fairly slow and I'll only be actively running scenes for one plotline at a time. So it shouldn't be too overwhelming.
Just letting everyone know that I updated the schedule. (See above.)

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