Trinity Schedules and Activity

Annie is self-employed as a woodworker, so she doesn't keep regular hours. She tends to come and go on the property as her needs and whims dictate. Often, she can be found in the woodworking shed (the shed is not on the map, but it's located left of the driveway, not too far from the house,) tending to the gardens or wandering through the forest.


Sasha works as a homicide detective with the Denver PD. Her "regular" work hours are 7am-4pm Mon-Fri with a three day weekend every other week. However, hours for police detectives are seldom predictable, and she often gets called in at night to investigate crime scenes (in which case her shift begins then.) She's at home less often than her two cabal-mates, but when she is, she can sometimes be found awake at odd hours. (If someone visits the Chantry after 10pm, she's likely to be the one who answers the door.)


Leah currently works part time at a nursery and garden center in Denver. She spends her time either in the city or hanging out at the Chantry property (helping Annie, reading, exploring, etc.) so she may or may not be around when visitors stop by. That said, she tends not to be very social with strangers, so she usually lets Annie and Sasha do the greeting.

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