The Black Orchid
So, as you know, I've decided to pick up the threads of the black orchid plotline that Sam started. I'm at a point now where I'm about ready to start running scenes, so I wanted to open a sign-up for anyone who's interested.

As a warning, the subject matter in this one has the potential to be triggering in a number of different ways. (I mean, we're dealing with vampires here.) It's difficult for me to predict exactly what might happen, but if anyone has any concerns, you're welcome to talk to me. If I know your limits and I think something might come up that you won't want to be around for, I'll warn you.

On a more obvious note, players should definitely expect violence/trauma and a fairly high degree of threat level. PC death is possible. (Though as always, I do try to balance scenes so the odds aren't too overwhelming.)

The tone of this one is pretty dark, over all. So if you feel less-than-enthusiastic about that right now, that's totally cool. I will not blame anyone for wanting to sit this out. My next SL should be pretty different, tonally. So anyone not so into this one might have more fun when that one comes around. That said, anyone who thinks it might be fun to go up against some vampires? Might very well enjoy this. The length of the SL and level of involvement are kind of mutable, depending on where your PCs decide to go with it. But for now, I'd like to just see how many people are interested. Then I can schedule a scene or two and we can go from there.
Willing to throw up both of my pcs for it. Jo and Ari.
What's life without a little risk? If you want her, Kiara's down to play with the lurks.

(A little Whedonverse ref there, points for anyone who gets where it's from).
Well, Grace has like, all of the data. For those who don't know, she tracked one of the vampires for a month, and thus knows where he sleeps, where he likes to hang out, one of his allies...

And she also hacked the Black Orchid organization's email. So.

I think it's fairly unlikely she will go uninvolved, right?

Let's go hunt some undead.
I think I could throw Alex at them again. Fisticuffs with an undead was fun! Tongue
Yeah, Kalen's kinda been in on this too, I don't see him sneaking off.

And I turn in final projects in...just under six hours, so I should be less swallowed whole for a bit. Smile
With this many people, I think I will split you guys into two scenes. How do Thursday and Friday evening sound? I can start 6pm site time (as usual.) Would either of these days be better for any of you? Can anyone not make either? I sadly do not have much availability over the weekend (I might be around Sunday but it's not guaranteed.)

As for having multiple characters, Nimra, I'm cool with whoever you want to throw in. So either is fine. Smile I don't think I can really manage more than one PC per person though, so it'll need to be one or the other.
I'm working Thursday, so Friday works better for me.

Oh - I'm also heading back onto days in a couple of weeks, so scheduling me back in might be a little more awkward for a month or so.
Thursday is deadlines for school, so Friday is best for me.
I cannot make Friday :[ it is one of my TT days.

But Thursday is cool!

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