Vampire in Wash Park
Was at the park last night. Vampire attacked Sera and I. Sera drove her off and I am tracking her, but still -- be careful at night everybody.

Apparently we can include "living shadows crawl down your throat and suffocate you" into the arsenal of vampire abilities, which was pretty much as terrifying as it sounds.
This particular vampire is one of the Black Orchid ones. She's chosen that place to lick her wounds, it looks like. Been there all day. Gee I wonder why? /s
Vampires not as entertaining as the movies would predict huh? Glad you guys are okay. Will keep an eye out. -K.
Vampires are very dangerous. Some of them look like monsters. Some of them are monsters. A few of them might not be monsters. (That I say that last bit is a relatively sure sign I have been hit in the head one too many times. Anyway, I can only assume the ones that seem the least monstrous are the most dangerous. The monsters you can forget are monsters generally are.)

I am displeased to hear they think Washington Park is an appropriate place to be monstering. It may be worth watching to see if this is somewhere they're planning to continue hunting. Anyone up for coffee and stargazing and maybe some smiting the undead?

Are you seriously suggesting what I think you're suggesting? Laying yourself out as bait?

On purpose?
In this instance, no. I'm discussing perhaps smiting. With company.

I suspect you would ruin the delicate balance of the plans in which I offer myself up as bait. With great heroism. And probably lasers. Which is why I conduct those plans in secret.

Or, you know. You could fly in little drones with lasers. That would be awesome.

Wait...can you do that?

Absolutely I can. We can put them in the training room when not in use. Fuuuuun!
Stake dinner in the park? Count me in.
The night after Kalen's talk with Sera in Pete's Kitchen (3 a.m., both her food and her night's company left behind), a new message is added to this jaunty thread on Ginger.

It comes from Sera. Some of them may understand that many of Sera's posts on Ginger are usually authored by her consor, others may not. He is: a bit more sober and a bit more practical. He actually understands how to operate a computer. The best she can manage is a thumb-swipe on her iPhone.


The message -

Before anyone goes fishing for undead in Washington Park, we need to figure out what your goal is. Track and kill one vampire? Protect the park from undead? Start a war? These are serious questions, by the by. Both questions and answers matter. What do you want to do. How will it best be accomplished. Will to action.

We're going up to the mountains. Sera's gonna do some scrying: we'll be back in a few days. We should talk, after.
But my heart is wild and my bones are steel
And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free.

- Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
Right this moment, I'm most interested in figuring out whether this is a hunting ground for a vampire or a few vampires. I'm not adverse to protecting the park from vampires (or most anything) because I am rather fond of it and it has been our place of contact for The Message.

If this vampire is connected to the Black Orchid, she may be connected to the human trafficking thing. So far, information I've gotten on the Orchid is minimal. Grace has gotten more, and I'm about to try a new angle or three. I'll keep you updated.

Also, I am pretty sure that the vampires have some kind of conflict between them, but I'm not sure what the scale is. I've run into vampire tension twice in this city now, so it seems like this situation might be interesting. And volatile. It certainly suggests that there may be some vampires to focus on first - like the ones doing human trafficking and leaving behind very unhappy ghosts. If I find out more about that, again, I will update you.

(Maybe some vampires will not even require smiting. If we went on broad-scale smiting binges every time something supernatural posed a threat to us/humanity, we'd also have to smite ourselves on account of some of us like Lucia and Victoria. And that would be awkward.)

I don't yet really have goals beyond more information to make informed decisions about goals.

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