Vampire in Wash Park

Good news: Sera says the attack in Washington Park was a crime of opportunity, not a territorial assertion or something larger.

Bad news: the vampire seems to have taken enough notice of Sera to recognize her for what she is and to know that she was the cause of her injuries.
But my heart is wild and my bones are steel
And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free.

- Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
There's a second text from the Verbena at some point. Simple, nonplussed:

Whatever the plan is, I'm in. -K.
The vampire from Washington Park is moving again, went to a high-rise apartment near the club, fed herself at some bar probably, took a walk it looks like, then stayed at the apartment.

Could be they've figured out my plan was to torch the place to the ground? Assholes.

I can keep you advised of her movements. Make sure you're not surprised. Share you my map program perhaps? I don't know, it might work. Or just, go with you wherever you go?

Since she knows already what attacked her, could just wait till morning and complete the job already started. I'm not keen on her having figured out Sera. At all.
If you know Sera then you know she is not precisely in favor of destroying sentient beings absent some sort of clear and very direct threat. She could perhaps cast remotely and destroy it. I don't think she will.

Will be at the chantry this weekend. She has a bit more info but this medium is not the best for complex chats.
But my heart is wild and my bones are steel
And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free.

- Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
It seems that vampires like books too. Probably best to avoid Ivy and Gold for your book shopping needs, at least for now. One of its clients - a Grayson Addario - has links to the Black Orchid. I've not found any dirt on him, but he's listed as managing the place in a few police reports.

From what I saw of him, he's not good news. As well as being a dick, he feels very wrong. Cold. Like a predator. And on the entropy side of things, he looks like death frozen over. Like a corpse that won't rot.

The guy running the place - a guy called Wesley - looks like Grayson, just not as... I dunno, not as bad? Not as dead? He is definitely dead, though. And less of a dick. Still bad news, though.
Another message from Alex:

Talking with one of the new guys in town made me think - what do we actually know about these things? And I don't mean the individuals.

I guess we've found out that a back-alley brawl isn't the best of ways to face one - they're a bitch to hurt that way. Fire good? Shooting? Stake through the heart? Garlic, holy water and a crucifix?

Are we actually safe in daylight?

And... These guys in particular? If they're running something that heads into other countries then we're not going to be able to bring the whole thing down. We could get whatever information we find to the authorities, but are they going to be able to bring the vampires down? Is this something the Traditions could - or would - pick up?
The vampire from Washington Park has dropped off my radar after a trip to the Black Orchid.

So, either they figured out what I was doing and undid it (more vampire weirdness?!?) or she is dead.

I did not do it. But maybe somebody got pissed at her for drawing attention? Don't know yet.
Well. Per Iris, Grayson is dead.

That vampire you were tracking may have died at the same time.

Derrick is taking over the Orchid. If we want to approach him about the ghosts there, we can. While I will help to set that up, and even come along if anyone would like, I can neither see nor interact with spirits on my own.

Kalen, if you can make the arrangements, I'm willing to try and make contact. Mind shielding isn't something I'm familiar with so if we get anywhere near these vampires, I may need someone who can offer that sort of protection while I try and speak to the spirits. -Kiara.

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