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Hey. I was reminded last night about something I had overlooked - could you possibly check with local youth shelters/outreach programs? It seems the evil corporation behind the curtain at the Orchid has some involvement with those - can you see about any official reports of missing persons/misconduct/weirdness. Ian's going to do a non-official line of inquiry, but a check in on official channels may also be a good thing.

Evil corporation behind the curtain also sent Greyson, FYI.

Will see what I can dig up.
So. No luck tracking down anything officially reported as weird by any of the shelters. The population is just too transient for anyone dropping out of sight to be of much concern to anyone. Plenty of suicides, but nothing screaming out as particularly strange. It's possible that some of them were elaborately staged to look like suicides rather than anything else, but there isn't really anything to say one way or another. It depends on how paranoid you're feeling, I guess.

I've had a trawl through a small mountain of reports on various deaths where blood loss was linked to the cause of death. Mostly what you'd expect - lots of traumatic injuries, lots of red stuff on the pavement. But there was a spate of deaths due to blood loss with no obvious injuries in the mid-2000's. That died off around 2006 - no idea why. Nothing linking any of them to our favorite club, though.

There was a death last year where the victim was found lacking blood. She had wrist wounds that would have been consistent with suicide. The report notes a lack of blood at the location the body was found, which wouldn't be strange for a body dump. So what? The wounds were inflicted after she was dead. The only reason I know that is that a friend of mine in the ME's office remembers working on the autopsy. Her report wasn't attached to the rest of the paperwork linked to the death.

I'm hoping that it's just a case of a filing error. Otherwise I really do need to get a lot more paranoid about who I'm working for. It was bad enough when it was just the Union I thought was going to be peering over my shoulder.

If anyone else wants to do their own snooping around, the victim's name was Carrie Wheeler. She was found outside the St. Catherine of Sienna Parish church on Federal. Not a million miles away from a certain book store and its bookworms of the night.

I'll keep digging.
Grace, any chance you could dig into the guts of what happened to the autopsy report? I wouldn't know where to start with that stuff.
One thing I know right now: that church is suspicious.

The vampire from Washington Park visited there on Sunday last week. Could be connected.

I can try to pull up the autopsy report, later.
So, it looks like that's an amazing dead end. The church looks pretty normal, nothing particularly odd going on near it recently. They do some work with the homeless, but nothing different to what any parish church does. No people drained from blood, no people missing in suspicious circumstances, no suspicious little balls of frozen entropy hanging around.

I've hit a wall with Carrie too. I know her parents have moved out of state, but that's as far as I was able to go. It seems my extra-curricular research has been noted and disapproved of, so I'm going to be laying low for a while before I spend the rest of the year on traffic duty.
I also did some looking into the church. Only thing more I could find was a missing persons report from 30 years ago. The former pastor's daughter, Katrina, never came home again.

Also, I found out that the Black Orchid group was tipped off to my hacking. The server I found their email on has been wiped and shut down. Maybe the other vampires made threats or something...

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