Diamonds! Science! Oh My!
Science. Diamonds. Oh My!

An interview and a couple of articles are making the rounds on all the usual social media standbys, shared and forwarded by hundreds and then thousands and then hundreds of thousands, a modestly interesting but well-marketed pieces written with pizazz all about the SECRET POTENTIAL OF DIAMONDS (gentlemen, get ready for the new hottest thing in engagement wear - nerdchic, y'all).

Clarion Dynamic's own Albert Campion has discovered a cheap and affordable way to etch the surface of a diamond, write your sweetheart's name, it's love, because diamonds are f'ing love. Campion is on record stating that this new technique means extremely exciting things for the future of information technology, and he spins quite the utopic vision of what-all might be accomplished.

In one of the articles, he gives slight credit to the eureka moment coming once he'd received a pack of old letters he'd once exchanged with a little known "but brilliant, in his own way" physicist from Chicago. The letters had been returned to him as part of the physicist's estate and going over them he'd realized he might try X experiment and "well, the results speak for themselves."


There is no mention of a graduate student. But why would there be?


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