Vampire Meeting Results: Iris/Derrick
I got a message from Iris. One of the other clubs owned by Lilean Holdings isn't around anymore. The Dolphin, in case anyone is interested.)

She's getting ready to confront Grayson and wants to know where we stand. From here, it seems like we're, on the whole, most comfortable not intervening here.

I understand that this situation is unexpected. I understand that for at least a few of you this is the first time you've had to make choices like this. They are not ever easy. Take a minute if you need one. Talk to each other. Talk to me. Whatever you need to do to figure this out. I know what these moments cost, weighing lives and futures and risks, and I am sorry that you have to do this.

(I'm also sorry I tried to decide for you for a minute how to do this. I apologize. Sometimes I forget why I haven't gone back to a Hermetic Chantry and try to do things in the exact ways I usually get so annoyed about.)

But I do need to let her know.


PS - Thank you all for trying to save me. I may not have needed your protection or your evaluations, but I should have been less of a jerk about them. I am...unaccustomed to the practice of keeping friends. I am sure that that comes as a surprise to none of you.

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