Attn: Alex!
Alexander, hey, it's Kiara. Kalen mentioned you were the one to speak with about the spirit situation at the Orchid. I'm not the world's biggest fan of getting close to vampires but if there really are spirits trapped in that club, I'd like to try and help them.

What do you know about the way they're stuck? I can communicate, even reach out to them, but if they aren't aware they're dead or somehow bound, it makes the situation a little more complicated.

Hey. I didn't get that great a look at them. I can tell you that they were all dressed in clubbing gear and they all looked like they're been drained dry, so I'm pretty sure they're hanging around where they died. They don't seem to have inclination to go anywhere else - no idea if that's because they don't want to, know to, or can't.

I guess the best way to describe them would be abandoned.

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