Characters who can Teach Things
It occurred to me that it might be useful to compile a list of potential mentors, for anyone who might be looking for help learning a new sphere or skill or is just in need of mentorship in general. Anyone who'd like to add a PC or NPC to this list should leave a note detailing the following:

Character's Name:
Rank/Highest Sphere Level:
Specializations: (can be sphere affinities, high level skills, knowledges, etc)
Character Availability: (how much of a commitment is your character likely to want to make? are they actively looking for students? are they more reluctant? would they potentially want to take on an apprentice or are they only available for sporadic lessons?)
Requirements: (does your character have specific things that they're looking for in a student? are they open to teaching anyone or are they more picky?)
Player Availability:
Character's Name: Grace Evans
Tradition: Virtual Adept
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: 3 in Correspondence
Specializations: Computers. She's got 5 dots of Computer, and would love to teach that as well. Also, Corr is her highest sphere, but she has at least 1 dot in all spheres except for Spirit and Time. So she has a varied list of things to teach, mostly those that more closely relate to the physical world.
Character Availability: Grace's entire being is focused on information sharing. Of course she would love to teach people things, both mundane and magic. One thing though, she's not big on official anything, so if your character is looking to be the official apprentice of Grace with titles and status that go along with that, she'd probably just laugh at them...
Requirements: The ability to learn from her. This is fairly obvious, but a big one. Most mystic paradigms do not exactly mesh well with the technomantic, but if you're willing to give it a try, so is she. Also, it would be a big help if she doesn't feel like yelling at the character all the time.
Player Availability: I have a fairly regular weekday 9-6 job schedule. 2 days out of every week are spent on TT gaming, though, so that can sometimes be a problem. Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are my busiest days, every other day is almost always free after work.
Character's Name: Annie Pierce (system NPC)
Tradition: Verbena
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Disciple
Specializations: Life, Prime, Matter, Crafts (gardening, woodworking, etc,) Survival
Character Availability: She's pretty open to mentoring, though she would only take on an official apprentice if she was sure the student was serious about becoming Verbena.
Requirements: Potential students would need to be respectful of nature and dedicated to their lessons (she has very little patience for apathy.)

Character's Name: Sasha Black (system NPC)
Tradition: Euthanatos
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Disciple
Specializations: Entropy, Mind, Correspondence, Stealth, Firearms
Character Availability: She's very willing to offer shooting and self-defense lessons, but is more selective when it comes to magic. If someone is serious about joining the Euthanatos, she'll probably want to go through a trial period before making a decision.
Requirements: Patience, Responsibility.

Character's Name: Henry Calliergi (system NPC)
Tradition: Order of Hermes: House Jerbiton
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Disciple
Specializations: Spirit, Mind, Forces, Umbral Adventuring, Storytelling
Character Availability: He's very willing to offer lessons to prospective students, but he currently has one full-time apprentice already so he would not be able to take on another in an official capacity.
Requirements: Being willing to listen to his stories. Tolerating his general eccentricity.

Character's Name: Ian Lai
Tradition: None
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Disciple
Specializations: Life, Mind, Forces, Prime, Art (Dancing), Brawl/Martial Arts, Melee, Athletics, Stealth
Character Availability: He is not looking for students, of any variety. He is especially not looking for an apprentice. That said, it is possible to cajole him into teaching things on occasion.
Requirements: Being someone he doesn't mind spending time with, being open to his paradigm, being able to put up with his general Ian-ness.

Player Availability: I'm in CST, and I'm only around for evening scenes. My availability is a little sporadic. Some weeks I'm around more than others, depending on work and other RL obligations. The best thing to do if you're looking for a scene is to contact me and schedule something in advance. I totally love mentoring scenes though, especially if paradigm is involved, so anyone is welcome to talk to me about this. Smile Scenes with system NPCs are always available.
Character's Name: Kiara Woolfe
Tradition: Verbena
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Disciple / Life 3 (Specialty), Spirit 3
Specializations: As above but Kiara is a Life Mage so she's very much centered around Life/Prime and Entropy/Spirit, as well. She's also a qualified Reiki Practitioner (Medicine 3), has a very high knowledge of the occult (Occult 4 [New Age]) as well as being a graduate of the NY College of Health with an AAS in Massage Therapy so she understands much of the human body, how it works, how to heal it through both more mundane, hands on capacity and through energy channeling.
Character Availability: Kiara has a pretty easy going mentality about such things, she'd less enjoy the official capacity of a mentor role but for those seeking to 'hang out' and learn about things from her POV, she's down for it
Requirements: Open mindedness is a big one, she is a practicing neo-pagan and while she's not easily offended, the stubborn or rigid thinking are likely not souls she will find easy to teach
Player Availability: US evenings tend to be my typical times online, my working schedule is varied so it's pretty much a case of if I'm on AIM and not away, ping me up.
Sera could teach an Ecstatic or an Orphan whose paradigm is compatible with hers (which is pretty traditionally Ecstatic). She's a Disciple of: Life, Mind and Time, and an Initiate of: Prime and Correspondence.

She also has high Performance and (believe it or not - you may not) Melee, but you'd have to dig to find out about the fencing.
But my heart is wild and my bones are steel
And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free.

- Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
Character's Name: Alexander
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Apprentice in Forces, Entropy, Spirit, Time
Specializations: Brawl, Firearms, Athletics
Character Availability: More than happy to teach others to defend themselves, given what goes bump in the night. Might be a little pickier about who he teaches to shoot.
Requirements: Don't be a dick. Be prepared to teach others.
Player Availability: Variable.
Character's Name: Kalen Holliday
Tradition: Order of Hermes [House Flambeau]
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Disciple
Spheres: Prime/Life-3; Forces/Mind/ Entropy/Time-2
Specializations: Larceny (particularly forgery, not that I think there's going to be a run on that) (4); Firearms/Occult/Enochian (3)
Character Availability: Kalen loves teaching, particularly students from other Traditions because how Paradigms come into alignment in interesting ways fascinates him
Requirements: Being able to put up with him? Kalen really loves to teach, and aside from things like Enochian, which he cannot teach outside of the Order, he's pretty willing to teach most people most things. You should maybe not tell Alexander if he teaches you to steal cars. Smile

Character's Name: Josephine Holt
Tradition: So much no.
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Disciple - Spheres: Mind/Prime (3); Corre/Spirit (2)
Specializations: Crafts (she will totally teach your Mage how to draw and possibly magic with chalk on whatever surface happens to be convenient) (4); Meditation/Occult (3)
Character Availability: Technically she has plenty of time
Requirements: Catching her attention could be a trick, but if she likes you, you can get her to teach you about anything. She has no sense of obligation to a greater community in Denver, she'd love having chalk art parties and all, but if you want serious/ongoing instruction she'll really have to want to hang out with you. And her paradigm might make it hard for some people to learn magic from her.

Character's Name: Skye [NPC - because technically he's around]
Tradition: Verbena
Rank/Highest Sphere Level: Disciple - Spheres: Life/Prime (3); Spirit/Mind (2)
Specializations: Survival/Occult/Brawl (3) [Okay, also Athletics and he will totally teach anyone snowboarding or mountain climbing (or surfing, but what ocean)]
Character Availability: Skye is pretty much being adrift in Denver following some pretty horrifying things I maybe did to him in an SL
Requirements: Getting haphazard instruction is easy, Skye's pretty open. Getting Skye to settle down for long-term apprentice-taking...possible, but not incredibly likely, and with Skye's general mindset it would be helpful to be either a Verbena or Orphan so far as compatibility with Paradigm. Also, the fact that he can fight doesn't tend to come up, so learning Brawl with him could be tricky, though certainly possible, if he thought you were someone he was okay with knowing how to hurt someone.
Note: If you want a jogging buddy/someone to go skiing with/someone to spar with, totally you can hit him up. Particularly if you want someone who can fix broken bones if those things go wrong.

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