Black Orchid (Again)
So, you guys know I've been trying to find out more and more about the vampire problem. I still think it's a problem? But the risk of going up against them doesn't seem to be worth the reward.

I talked to Iris -- one of the vampires on the 'good' side. I don't think she was lying when she said that if the Black Orchid types gain a foothold in Denver that this city will become like Miami and New York -- that is to say, more people will disappear, more people will die, and it will be more out-in-the-open. She didn't try to impress me with claims that Lilean Holdings was trying to summon a demon or engage in mass slaughter -- something we might care a lot more about. She just said the city would become slightly worse than it already is.

She also said that if they gained a power-base here, they would start going after threats -- and we've proven ourselves to be threatening, at least. So there is that. There's no reason I can see to disbelieve anything she says, but there's also every certainty she's not telling us everything. Like, what happens when the Black Orchid isn't in the picture anymore? Do the 'good' vampires then turn their sights on threats? And we've proven ourselves to be threatening.

I still want to do something, but allying myself to other vampires isn't exactly my favorite idea ever.

I'm throwing up my hands on this one, guys.

Remember: they show up as frozen balls of massive entropy on scans. They aren't alive. They can take control of your mind. They seem to only be around at night. If you're out and about past sunset from now on, it might be a good idea to keep up a mental shield if you can.

That's all I've got.
A response from Dan:


If you want to do something about the company, you have all the tools. Action does not mean that you burn down their house or expose your friends or ally yourself with other vampires (I refuse to use the term 'good').

You have a company that is engaged in various illegal activities with doubtless a fair amount of gray money that requires movement and laundering, which they funnel through otherwise legitimate businesses. You're a hacker: given time and thought and consideration (and something workable would require all three) you could put them in serious jeopardy. Hell, if you can make it look like they are funneling some of that laundered money to a terrorist organization and then tip off the feds, you might bring a hell of a lot of hurt down on their heads. just make sure that you act with judiciousness and make sure you leave no trace of yourself behind. With something like this, you want to be an absolute ghost.
But my heart is wild and my bones are steel
And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free.

- Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
That would all be a lot more within the realm of possibility if I knew the first thing about finance or even organized crime.

I can hack, sure. I can get you all kinds of information. The problem is I don't know what to do with it when it involves something like this.

If someone we know could help me out there, I would take it. If not, I guess it's time for me to start studying the most soulless, fucked-up shit they ever invented and learn all I can about.... Banking. Eventually, I may be able to forgive myself.

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