Family Reunions, of the Somewhat Unwelcome Variety
The Order is sending an official representative to check out the situation with vampires and Victoria and try to be my new handler since Trent is gone. Trent and I both were a) not of the opinion that other Magi were sadly misguided at best about how magic and the universe work, b) not into being oppressive about our opinions, and c) not really interested in the Order having much real influence in Denver.

I'm not sure who is coming out to visit but those things will almost certainly not hold true. Assume that anything you say will be used to judge you, and me, and the city in general. I'm not saying that they are going to send to a monster. But I'm also not saying that we didn't get a reputation for turning nodes into Hermetic chantries for 'their own protection' for no reason. I doubt we're going to have to deal with those kinds of shenanigans here, but do not lose sight of the fact that there is a reason we have our reputation and a reason I haven't tried to bring their attention here. Some of us are more fanatical than others. On whole, we're not terrible. Sometimes, that still fails to stop us from doing terrible things.

More likely, if they dislike what they find, they'll keep someone here. Which will be inconvenient, but really mostly only for me. (And maybe they'll send someone who makes Denver a better place to be. There are a few actually amazing members of the Order. There is a chance, with our library project, I can wrangle a permanent guest from House Shaea if it comes to that.)

They are likely to send someone from House Quaesitor. Which basically means that they will send someone whose entire purpose is judgment. Of everything. In theory, that is measured, rational, and compassionate judgment. In practice...that is often less so.

Maybe this will be my incredible new drinking buddy and in a few months I will look back at this message and laugh about how I am getting really jaded. I hope so, really. In any case, just be aware that someone is coming and it may or may not be the best thing.
Oh, Kalen. If only you weren't a Hermetic, this would sound like a great opportunity to fuck with someone...
Handler? You make it sound like you were sent here to infiltrate the locals.

I'll be keeping Alyssa's previous advice regarding the more uptight members of the traditions in mind if we happen to meet.
Oh. No.

I meant more as in, 'We've appointed someone to handle that problematic kid, and it can be their problem. He was so much less difficult before all the people who used to keep in line were dead. Then he spent that year letting everyone think he was dead, galavanting around the world and consorting with Choristers who gave him some strange ideas about ethics and religion and faith and duty to things that aren't us. Like God. And humanity. And now he's off with a bunch of other Mages, associating with Hollowers and Orphans broadening his horizons. WE MUST STOP THIS MADNESS!!!'

They wouldn't send me here to spy on you. They've always thought I was too close to the other Traditions to be loyal to them. And I am, despite our rather pronounced disagreements. They have their flaws, but there is such potential for something greater now that there is real cause for them to see that.

I've at least always seen where they were coming from. I was trained outside their Order first, I didn't come back to a Hermetic chantry after the thing in Phoenix, I let them think I was dead for a year and only admitted I was alive because I ran into one of the like six people who would have recognized me. Their lack of faith has never really disturbed me. I understand it. I've certainly done very little to address it.
That sounds like every weekend I ever spent with my parents. Good luck, Kalen.


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