Hey guys! I wanted to update everyone to confirm that I'm currently gearing up for part 2 of this SL. I got a little behind on scenes that I originally meant to run in November/December, so I'm kind of playing catch-up with those right now. However, technocrat-related scenes are on the horizon.

What to expect:

This is the escalation part of the SL. So danger to your PC is definitely a thing. If you'd like to stay out of combat and/or potentially traumatic scenes, that is doable. There will also be meetings/discussions/debates/arguments with NPCs, so your character can still have an impact on things without getting in direct way of harm.

Due to the nature of this story, I'm putting a big fat giant warning label on it. PC death is possible (obviously that's not my goal, and I don't think it's likely to happen but the risk is there.) Capture is possible. Torture (physical and/or mental) is possible. It's possible characters will have to do things or make decisions that they don't like.

All of that said, those are worst-case-scenario possibilities. It's important to me when running an SL like this that players feel safe and that everyone is able to participate in the story in a way that is comfortable for them. So if you have limitations of any variety - be it time or emotional or whatever - let me know and I will do my best to accommodate that. You don't need to tell me now (although anyone who wants to send me a note can do so anytime.) This is something we can talk about one on one as I schedule scenes. If I think something is going to have risk attached to it, I will contact the player(s) in advance to discuss it.

As a final disclaimer: I know that one of the issues with running Technocratic storylines in this kind of game is that it can be very difficult to extract a character from that situation after the story is complete. I've seen it happen before where a PC basically falls off the radar because they have to go into hiding indefinitely. Without getting into too much detail, I can say that regardless of how this story plays out, your PC will be able to walk away without being actively hunted by an omnipresent organization for the rest of their life.

Now that that's settled, I will be contacting folks (as before) when I'm ready to run scenes. If anyone who hasn't been involved previously would like to get involved, let me know and I'll add you to the roster. Smile
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