Unwanted Visitors?
Another message from Alexander:

Just because there can never been enough good news.

I ran into Sasha from the House. She said that she'd spotted a member of the Union nosing around one of the DPD stations. Apparently the like to worm into law enforcement, so it might get harder for me to dig things up without getting unwanted attention.

Other than stay well away from them, any advice on how to handle them? Especially if I do come face to face with one of them.

Grace - do the guys at the House have access to Ginger?
I knew there was a reason why I should go back to the Chantry sometime. I'll show up with some goodies.

Advice on how to handle them? Don't get into any black vans. Try not to handle them. If they try to handle you, that's a different story. They do like to pretend to be the police of the universe, which... is one reason why I was leery of you at first. No offense.

If they do come to you, they'll probably act friendly and try to convert you, to be honest. Just know that the firsthand accounts I have heard about what they do to Mages is beyond fucked-up. Torture is only the beginning. Don't be ready to believe a pretty face and a kind word if it lies behind mirrorshades. Just find a way to excuse yourself (or run away) and get help. Try not to use Ginger or lead them back to the Chantry, though, if you are spotted. The first thing I would do in a situation like that, if I were them, is start monitoring you. So. We'd need to stop that first.

If they are openly hostile or try to shoot you with robot bees or something equally stupid, of course, anything goes.

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