A Thread Full of Titles!
Okay, loves, here's the situation!

I've been contemplating things, given that I'm now playing a baby Hermetic and they tend to get titles when they become Real Boys and Girls after initiation, and why should they get all the fun? Titles are freaking fantastic!

So! Thus, we have a compilation of titles characters should have, were they in a position that they would actually be bestowed a title. It can be long and ridiculous, they're titles. They aren't known for being boring.
Ok, I had to think about this for a bit.


Survivor of the Undead Apocalypse, Beautiful Death, Liberator of Heads, The Dancing Tiger of Denver

(You guys have no idea how much impulse control it took for me not to just write a bunch of double-entendres.)
Not gonna lie, I freaking love titles. So! Without further ado

Daughter of the Western Wind, Dissonant Siren, Sword of Gabrielle, She who lectures Sightless Mountains

Probably more to come, this is hard!
Ack, this is going to require control not to turn into 'how many ways can Jacqui give her Verbena a deedname but not'.

Kiara Woolfe is the Rejuvenator of Souls, the Pulse of the Wild, Blood on the Earth, Child of the Verbenae, She Who Cannot Be Tamed and occasionally Nature's Fury.

Okay, it turned into deednames anyway, oop.
I'm pretty sure people call Lavinia "The Barbie of Retribution" when she isn't looking.

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