The Silver Crown
I am still totally down for this and hope I get to throw my hat into this. If someone else came first I totally understand though!
Vesta: No need to worry about the level of Spirit magic, it's not an issue on this one. That was just for the Umbral quest. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to run scenes during the week of the 23rd, as that is the week of Thanksgiving here in the States. And as much as I personally dislike that holiday, my family would probably be pretty annoyed if I tried to opt out of visiting them.

I can be available the 2nd-6th, or the 30th through the 3rd of Dec (the 4th is my brother's birthday.) The week of the 15th - 21st is probably out because that's both my roommate's birthday and my birthday (if you're thinking to yourself 'that's a lot of birthdays,' there's also one for my mom at the end of October,) and I would rather not try for October because I was hoping to run some Halloween stuff this month. Latest case scenario, we could wait until December and do like the 7th-11th. After that I think we may be getting too close to Christmas. If any of those weeks (2nd-6th of Nov, 30th - 3rd of Dec or 7th-11th of Dec) work better for you, let me know.

My second question is, is Alex likely to get pulled into this SL by either Elijah or Kiara? I know he doesn't know Kiara too well yet, but I'm not sure what his relationship is like with Elijah. If neither of them are good hooks, we could get Kalen in first and then have Alex drawn in that way. Sasha is actually going to get involved at some point, so maybe she can help too. I think once I have a sense of how best to hook him in, I can figure out where to place him in the story.

Ix: same question about scheduling for you. *g* Do any of the above alternate weeks work better for you?

Nim: I unfortunately don't have any availability on Saturdays or Sundays right now, as I don't get home on either of those days until late (like midnight my time, typically.) I can do Fridays, but that's still only one day so I will need at least some weekday availability from players. These are pretty involved scenes, so the more time we have the better, even if I shorten things to like one major scene. I can handle that either by spreading things out over most of the week (and having sessions be shorter) or by having a couple long nights. Does that work for you, or do you need for things to be on weekends only?

If weekends are a requirement, I can add you to the wait-list and see what comes up. There can potentially be up to 9 quests in this SL (realistically I will probably have some of them solved by NPCs) so possibly things may sync up better down the road. I am also considering the possibility of inviting other Storytellers to ST some of the quests, since I know my schedule doesn't work for everyone and this particular SL can be pretty easily split up that way. If there's much call for alternate STs, I can put out feelers and see what happens.

Jacqui and Heather: I have more things planned for both of you. Big Grin Once I figure out exactly what's going down in the next chapter, I will let you know which of you I think will work best in that scenario.
2nd-6th I'm on my daylight hours, which tends to mean I don't get mcuh play time before I have to crash. 30th-3rd, working. 7th-11th, the only day I can make is the 10th.

So I think I'll have to sit this round out and try to snag a later part. Which might make it easier for him to be pulled in by Kalen or Sasha anyway. Smile
November 30-Dec 3 or Dec 7-11 should, so far as I can see from here, work out fine for me. Smile
I can do weekdays from about 6 pm cst to abot 9 pm cst.. Mon, Tuesday, and Thursday. That's about all I have.
Vesta: Aw, bummer. I will add you to the list though, and hopefully next time it will work out better.

Nim: I can't really start before 7pm CST, which... you're right, doesn't give us a lot of time. I think the best thing to do right now is wait and see if either of our schedules change by the time the next quest rolls around.

Ix: In that case, I will grab Kalen for this one. Smile

Jacqui and Heather: I'd like to use Elijah to pull either Aidan or Arionna in (whichever Nim wants to go with) so I think I will grab Kiara this time around. Kalen I think can be pulled in pretty easily since he had that vision about the crown and is already halfway invested. But we can worry about that when we get closer.

Let's do Nov 30th - Dec 3rd. *puts a tentative stamp on it*
Whoo! Roger dodger, I shall put that in my RP calendar.
Okie dokie! I shall keep an ear to the ground!

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