Halloween Shindig
So! Yes, Halloween party. I'm also going to run two to three one-offs that week-ish. The limitations are as follows!

1) There will be a maximum of four spots in each one-off.
2) Said one-offs will be run during my online times, which is to say daytime EST and probably weekdays.

These aren't likely to be high risk, but, you know. Reality doesn't like being bent, so keep in mind that it could be. Paradox, and all that! But, you know. Probably not combat, anyway. Sound off if you're interested!
I am around in the daytime EST weekdays! I would like to get Sid in on that action.
I am so very in with Lena.
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Well, I am interested, but I can only be on at 6 EST at the earliest on weekdays. During the day, I work, and my work doesn't let me chat :-(
Totally interested! Smile
Noel: I'll try to do one in the evening! 6pm EST isn't to bad, I just don't stay up past midnight often. Just not Thursday!
If you are able to do one some evening and I'm around, I would be into it!
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Noel asked if the party was costumes, to which Shoshannah says, "I'm wearing a costume, you do what you want." So, yes? If your character is into that sort of thing, it can totally be a costume party. If not, that's cool too.

Aaaaaaaaand . . . I think I'll aim for the daytime one on the 17th or 18th and the evening one on the 21st or 22nd. If you're into the evening one, please remember that I will be going to bed at midnight (10, site time) regardless of if we're done or not. =D

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